BTS fan at the age of 86

86-Year-Old Proves Age is Just a Number with BTS TikTok Craze”

An 86-year-old BTS fan is trending on TikTok!

At the end of 2022, Marilyn Booth (@marilynbooth786 on TikTok) began posting on the platform, primarily BTS-related material. She mostly released snippets of some of her favorite BTS songs while complimenting the members’ abilities.

She periodically uploads footage of stunning New Zealand with BTS songs playing in the background.

She shares BTS memes, of course, like any ARMY. Everybody has been enquiring recently about Jungkook’s whereabouts.

With a self-introduction video, Marilyn has suddenly become famous. “Thank you for the likes and follows,” she captioned it.

I’m going to introduce you to a BTS fan who is 86 years old and still thinks it’s fantastic at this point in my life. I’m fangirling [over] a K-Pop group, but they’ve filled a void in my life since I found them four years ago. I spend a lot of time watching the news, the video, the articles about them, and following them since I’m disabled and live alone. — Marilyn

She made a powerful statement: “Your taste in music is not dictated by your age.” Marilyn has been an ARMY for four years, and BTS has taken on a huge role in her life.

Hope I’m still around in 2025 to see a comeback if there is one. I hope Jin is doing well; I’m not sure where Jungkook is, but Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and RM have all accomplished incredible things during the break. —Marilyn

At the time of writing, the video has 159.4K views and 42.7K likes.

All ages of ARMYs left comments on her post, relating to it in some manner, whether it was about missing Jin and Jungkook or about other “dope elderly folks,” as RM would say.

The following day, Marilyn was astounded to see that her video had gone viral. She extended her appreciation to the ARMY and BTS.

She acknowledged that despite her claims to the contrary, she actually loves every single one of them. But from what she can see, she has a soft place for V in particular. Marilyn admitted that Jimin has turned into her bias destroyer ever since he worked with Taeyang of BIGBANG on “VIBE.”

People keep asking me who my bias is… I really can’t separate them. They’re all so individually talented and unique, but I have a sneaky little thing for V’s visuals because he is so beautiful. —Marilyn

Marilyn updated her profile once again. She still finds it hard to believe how much love and support she has had this week.

I can’t say enough how exciting the last three or four days have been. Four days ago, I was so happy if I got one follower and four likes, but this is just so amazing to me. And so many super people, and it’s all because of BTS and ARMY… — Marilyn

Age really is only a number, and, as Marilyn stated in her original, extremely popular music video, “it does not dictate the music you enjoy.”


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