Popular South Korean Influencers Who Give 'All You Need To Know' To Live In Seoul!

By Simran Arora
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These are some of South Korean Influencers who give the vibe of "Know It All"


Jeon Changha

Chang Ha Jeon has captivated his audience with his handsome face and cool fashion looks. Not only popular on Instagram, he also has a huge number of followers on TikTok and YouTube.


Instagram: @chang._.a
: 3.5M
Topics: Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle

Bora Kim


Bora is a fashion model from South Korea. Bora showcases a variety of looks, from casual, sexy, to sporty. Besides that, she also shares her holiday trips in Korea and other countries. She also loves sharing beauty secrets and other lifestyle content.


Instagram: @wanna._b
: 1M
Topics: Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty


Boram provides her audience with a lot of daily workout tutorials and healthy diet tips. She also loves to share her healthy recipes, skincare reviews, and makeup recommendations.


Instagram: @boram_jj
: 1M
Topics: Beauty, Fitness


DJ Jina

Jina is a real-life disc jockey who has attracted fans due to her talent and sexy appearance. She loves posting about the party life, some daring pictures, and DJ sets.


Instagram: @djjina_official
: 705K
Topics: Music, Lifestyle

Ehwa Kim

Ehwa Kim’s casual fashion style is very easy-to-follow, especially for gen Zs and millennials. She provide outfit inspos for all seasons, and she rocks each one of them. She also loves post about her travels in and out of Korea.

Instagram: @kimehwa
Followers: 622K
Topics: Fashion, Travel

Jin-hyeon Choi

Jin-hyeon Choi is a popular video creator on YouTube. On his Instagram, he inspires his followers with his daily outfits, aesthetic photos, and cool poses. He’s a must-follow for men wanting to up their fashion game.

Instagram: @d.of.j.c.
: 531K
Topics: Lifestyle, Men’s Fashion

Eudeum Shim

If you are looking for a popular pilates instructor in South Korea, then Eudeum can be your best choice. She regularly uploads daily workout tutorials for people who want to exercise from home. Her amazing figure also made her a sought-after model for different underwear brands.

Instagram: @euddeume_
Followers: 483K
Topics: Pilates, Fitness


Suran is a South Korean K-pop musician with several hits on YouTube. Some of her songs are Let it Fly, Diamonds, Wish I Could, and Devils in the City. Her Instagram account is filled with updates on her performances and daily activities.

Instagram: @suranelenashin
Followers: 259K
Topics: Music, Entertainment

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