After Korean Skincare, Here’s A Complete Guide To A 6 Step Korean Haircare Routine!!

Korean Haircare, when it comes to all things beauty, you know you can trust the Koreans. K-beauty has continuously come up with innovative ways to treat yourself –– be it through skincare, hair care, or makeup. They start the trend, and the rest of the world follows. This time around, it’s the Korean hair care routine that has caught everyone’s eye!

Proven to be the ultimate go-to for healthy, soft, and shiny hair, this routine is the one-stop-solution to meet all your strong hair dreams. Scroll down to see how you can follow this Korean hair care routine to the tee. Bid farewell to dry, rough, and unmanageable hair, and say hello to glossy locks.


The key, it is said, to having healthy hair is to focus on the root of the hair: the scalp. In western hair care, there is surprisingly little attention given to scalp health – shocking, when you consider that all hair literally comes out of the scalp. 

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Having a healthy scalp means to limit built-up hair oils like sebum, clean out any pollution, and just generally keep the scalp clean and tidy. There are plenty of Korean Hair Care Products that go beyond cleansing and give proper scalp care.

Wash and Scrub

Yes, you read that correctly! We said ‘scrub.’ No, we haven’t confused a skincare routine with a haircare one. 

Many Koreans will use a scalp scrub, like one from Innisfree or other Korean hair care brands. Imagine a scalp scrub like a face scrub, to exfoliate away any dead cells and invigorate the circulation. 

Scalp scrubs come in a couple of varieties. Scalp scalers often work like shampoos without foam. Scalp scrubs come as a slightly rougher solution – an exfoliator. For non-scaler scalp scrubs, it is recommended to use the scrub after shampooing.


In Korea, a big part of many hair care routines are scalp massagers. 

Even if you have an oily scalp, it is important to massage to generate those great natural oils that are so good for the hair. For those with a dry scalp, massaging helps to promote oil production.

Scalp massagers can come in a range of shapes and sizes, to be used during scalp treatments, while the hair is still wet. 

Hair and Scalp Treatments

An unexpected ally for the hair is found in many kitchens – apple cider vinegar. For anyone wishing to follow a Korean hair care routine, apple cider vinegar is said to do wonders for the scalp and hair, too. In fact, our readers with dreadlocks may already know about this wonder ingredient, often used for deep cleaning locks.

Surprisingly, this unlikely agent is widely agreed upon worldwide, with hair experts from around the world touting the benefits of a vinegar rinse. And the best thing about this scalp (and hair) treatment is that it is easy to make at home. 

Simply mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water and pour onto the hair. Yes, the same apple cider vinegar brand you have in your kitchen is fine. If you use filtered water, even better.


Post-Shower Care

Once the vinegar solution is washed out, it is time to dry the hair and get out the hair serum, balms, essences, oils, or even a mist.

For a light after-shower treatment, a Korean hair essence can provide a little lift for the hair, to keep it shiny throughout the day, without being too heavy. Sometimes hair essences are referred to as hair mists, because of their great smell. 

A hair mist is, put simply, a perfume for the hair. However, unlike actual perfume, hair mists do not damage or dry out the hair itself.

Hair Serum

Hair serum is one step in the Korean hair care routine, that is non-negotiable. The scalp serum helps nourish and hydrate it –– it ensures that the moisture is locked into your locks, and remains hydrated for long periods of time.


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