From LV to Dior, luxury brands that BTS members endorse

The BTS members have everything going for them- the music, the fans, the visuals, the vocals, and now even the brands. The South Korean icons’ global influence has seen no bounds in recent years.

From taking over international venues with thousands in the audience to doing a free concert in their home ground, the group has flaunted its massive presence, and rightly so. With such an impact, brand deals are bound to come knocking on their doors without hesitation.

In 2019, the South Korean group first worked with the fashion house for their outfits while doing album promotions. However, 2021 marked the group’s official start with the Louis Vuitton they were roped as in the global brand ambassadors. The septet also rocked then-Artistic Director Virgil Abloh’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 collection. It is being said that the contract between the fashion house and the group is now up after 2 years of successful collaborations.

RM for Bottega Veneta

A probable plan for signing the BTS leader could be in the works for the Italian brand which was seen throughout RM’s ‘Indigo’ promotions. While it is possible that Kim Namjoon chose his outfits based on his own preferences rather than a fashion deal, fans are hoping that the smart styling becomes the right fit for him. To add to their beliefs they’ve found out that Matthieu Blazy, the creative director, and Dario Gargiulo, the chief marketing and digital business officer of Bottega Veneta started following the BTS member recently.

Jin for Cartier

While the oldest member is currently serving in the military and will not sign anything until he’s back, fans are rooting for Jin to land a deal with Cartier with whom they think he would be the best fit. 

SUGA with Valentino

Known as the rapper of the group, member SUGA of BTS is so much more. From providing his meaningful insights to his chart-topping productions, he has been leading the group’s success in multiple ways alongside the other six. Following his recent visit to Los Angeles where a special collaboration between him and the Italian luxury fashion house was announced, on January 17 he was officially declared as the brand’s newest brand ambassador. He will join the group of people known as Di.Vas, an acronym for Different Values that they hope to endorse with their products. The BTS member will be helming the Maison Valentino Essentials campaign with which he aims to propagate his shared values of diversity alongside the brand.

J-Hope with Louis Vuitton

On the same day, Louis Vuitton announced that J-Hope will be heading to the 2023 Paris Fashion Week to attend the brand’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show on January 19. The BTS member has previously teased his possible partnership with the brand through Instagram stories shared on his account in the past week. It also seems that a new solo fashion project with the ‘Jack In The Box’ singer is in the work and will likely take his own famed style quotient into consideration. Member Jimin is also expected to join J-Hope on his visit to the Paris Fashion Week for his own promotions ahead of the former’s upcoming solo debut. Apart from these, there have been no confirmed signed deals with any brands for the rest of the members. Here’s what we can expect in the coming days.

Jimin with Dior

On January 16, BTS member Jimin was announced as the official global brand ambassador for the French luxury fashion house. Reports point out that he is officially the 18th current ambassador for the brand and the 1st Asian male celeb to be named so. This deal follows the group’s long-running history with the brand as Dior had designed the members’ stage outfits for their ‘Love Youself: Speak Yourself’ world tour back in 2019. Jimin’s oomph in carrying his outfits makes him a perfect fit for the brand.

V for Celine

It is more likely than not that the BTS member signs with the French luxury brand following his solo gig alongside BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Park Bo Gum last year which went viral for all the right reasons. V is known to harbour a special liking for the brand and can easily carry their confident fits with flair. Fans are also hoping that he signs with Gucci “as he claims it to be his favorite one”, which has a more fancy style, going perfectly well with the K-pop star.

Jungkook for Versace

The youngest from the group was spotted in a fabulous fit from the brand for his performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony. It went well with the expensive but pleasing look that the BTS member is known to admire. They also have edgier options for when Jungkook wishes to do different and following the group’s meeting with Donatella Versace at the 64th GRAMMY Awards, it seems more than likely.


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