“Shah Rukh Khan is the reason, I never gave up on my dreams” Says Pallavi Mukherjee, Founder and CEO Of Popdiaries!

Founder and CEO of Popdiaries

A complete breakaway in the media industry, Popdiaries Media Portal headed by the creatively intelligent, Pallavi Mukherjee(Founder and CEO of PopDiaries) is a welcomed change!

Founded in the year of 2016, an entertainment portal as well as a bootstrap framework, it serves us daily entertainment news but in the most unique ways! From making them aesthetically pleasing to a variety of unique conceptualized interviews, to keeping in mind that entertainment isn’t all about trashy gossip’s with sensationalizing and sleazy headlines! This unique content combination is the solely none but, the work of the creatively intelligent leader, Pallavi Mukherjee.

When asked about the key inspiration of her determination to make way in this competitive world of Media and News, she replied, “Shah Rukh Khan is the reason because of whom I never gave up on my dreams. In the most testing times when I thought of giving up on Popdiaries, Shah Rukh Khan’s Interview was a saviour in disguise. He is the reason I stepped into the industry, and the very reason I’m surviving here!”

Founder and CEO of popdiaries
Founder and CEO of popdiaries

Owing to her immense knowledge and experience on content creation, Pallavi had a vision that her content will bring a change in the world of media, as the company focusses on a positive way of representing gossips and entertaining audience with light hearted content.

Speaking out, about her vision for the company, she expressed, “Right now we are constricted to just news and updates and good funny content but with PopDiaries I wanted to change the face of media reporting news to people. I don’t wanna boast about it but from the time since we were in the market, we created our niche with positive way of reporting news, we broke the norm of putting sleazy, cheap headlines to grab eyeballs”

She further mentioned on how through Popdiaries, the team is bringing in genuine appreciation of art and cinema alongwith healthy criticism. We have introduced concept interviews and now every media channel is following the same trend. She has set the content in such a way that they’ve made a breakthrough approach over social to global issues in a positive way to influence masses to take up positivity in dealing with extreme negative situations and express anger or criticism in a healthy way!

During the pandemic, while most have been generously donating and extending a hand of help to those in need, Popdiaries Media had also been tirelessly working for those affected. Not just Covid19 affecties, but those being affected by the never-ending lockdown and those affected by the major backlash of our dropping market and economy, loss of employment and livelihood. Popdiaries, under the guidance of Pallavi(Founder and CEO of PopDiaries), has become a voice for those affected physically, emotionally, mentally and financially!

Well, it’s time that we bring such immensely talented and influential leader of today, to the forefront and become an example for many!


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