Books You Can Refer to Learn New Skills in 2023

Books are the key to know ones mind. To know someone’s story or history. When a child goes to school for the first time he or she is given the books to learn and write. But can we develop a new skill just by reading books? Yes, we can there are many books which you can refer to imbibe new skills in yourself. Some of out of those many are suggested here:-

Book-1: Thinking Fast and Slow by- Daniel Kahneman

Skill: Critical Thinking

About the Book: This Book provides you with helpful tools for slower, smarter thinking and explains how our thoughts are misled by inaccuracy and prejudice even when we think we are being logical. You’ll be able to make wiser choices in all of your endeavors, both at work and home.

Book-2: How to Win Friends and Influence People by- Dale Carnegie

Skill: Communication & Social Skills

About the Book: This Book is a thorough, well researched manual that will teach you how to broaden your social circle. Hone your professional abilities, find ways to communicate your ideas more effectively and develop your mental toughness to overcome any obstacles you may face along the journey to success.

Book-3: The Psychology of Money by- Morgan Housel

Skill: Money Management

About the Book: The lessons about riches, greed and happiness in this book are timeless. The author offers 19 short stories that explore the peculiar ways in which people think about money and instructs you on how to better understand one of life’s most significant issues.

Book-4: Indistractable by- Nir Eyal

Skill: How to be Focus

About the Book: One of the best books on focus, the author shows you how to create agreements with yourself to keep your mind on task and unveils the hidden psychology that is driving you crazy. You can use this book to plan your time, achieve your goals and lead the life you really want.

Book-5: Never Split the Difference by- Chris Voss

Skill: Negotiation

About the Book: This Book will give you the upper hand in any discussion since it is based on the real life experiences of an FBI intelligence specialist. The author takes you inside the realm of high stakes negotiations, outlining the nine essential principles that enabled him to be successful under pressure.

Book-6: Getting Things Done by- David Allen

Skill: How to be Productive

About the Book: The Book offers some of the top techniques to enable readers to work more effectively and worry less. Since the human brain is only capable of storing and processing a certain amount of information at once, the book insists on completing activities one at a time to prevent becoming overwhelmed.


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