Secret of King Khan's magical fragrance is revealed. Find here!!!

By Shaina Sharma
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Shahrukh khan secret scent revealed

King of bollywood Shah Rukh Khan always remain in talks of everyone n all for his charming behavior and mesmerizing looks.


He is also to be known for his witty talks and sweet dimple smile, which just sway the hearts of all.

But do you know, what else he is in talks for? That is none other than his fragrance. Yess! Many actresses have claimed that King Khan has some authentic smell which nobody can beat.

Many actresses like Anushka Sharma and Mahira Khan have talked about this in their previous interviews. But what's the secret behind this whooo fragrance which is making everyone crazy!

In an old interview Khan when asked about this, he answered that, "It’s very important for me to smell good. I mix two fragrances – a Dunhill scent that’s only available at their London store as well as a Diptyque one."

He is very particular about his scents and make sure that he never forget to wear them, whenever he is going out somewhere.

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