Fact Parcel: Happy Bdday! some interesting facts about Farhan Akhtar, Farah Khan and Hima Das

By Shaina Sharma
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Sharing their birthdays on the same date surely make them really unique. Pop Diaries wishes actor and director Farhan Akhtar, choreographer and director Farah Khan and athlete Hima Das a very Happy Birthday!!!


Here are some unknown trivias about these three. So let us find out!


  1. He is called by a nickname ‘Bulbul’ given by his nanny to him.
  2. His debut film as a director is ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, as an actor is ‘Rock On’ and as a producer is ‘Don’.
  3.  He ha won National Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi for Dil Chahta Hai in 2002 and Rock On in 2009.
  4. This celebrity got dismissed from the college in the second year due to attendance shortage.
  5. He is an Atheist.
  6. Likes to collect gadgets.
  7. He has a tattoo of dolphin on his right shoulder.


  1. Her real name is Farahdeeba Khan.
  2. She is a choreographer, actress, director and producer by profession.
  3. She likes to dance and crack jokes.
  4. Her favourite food is Biryani.
  5. She is a mother of triplets (daughter- Anya and Diva, son- Czar).
  6.  She is a big Michael Jackson fan and got inspired by him after listening to his song ‘Thriller’ in 1982.
  7. She never took professional dance classes.


  1. She is known by three different nicknames Dhing Express, Mon Jai and Golden Girl.
  2. She is India’s first track and field gold medallist at the IAAF World championships in 2018.
  3. She naturally has brown hair but the right side of her hair is dyed blonde.
  4. She has been appointed as India’s first ever youth ambassador of UNICEF-India.
  5. She has also been appointed as Assam’s sports brand ambassador by the government of Assam.
  6. Before getting into the athletics Hima was interested in football.
  7. Hima opted sprint as her career, upon advice from a school physical education teacher.
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