’Deepika is a whole vibe in Besharam Rang and the track is addictive because of her!’ : Shilpa Rao

’Deepika is a whole vibe in Besharam Rang and the track is addictive because of her!’ : Shilpa Rao

Producer Aditya Chopra and director Siddharth Anand unveiled the first song of Pathaan, Besharam Rang, on Monday that has broken the internet! Shilpa Rao, who has playbacked the song for the ethereally gorgeous Deepika Padukone, says the song is addictive because of how Deepika is looking in it!

Shilpa who has sung many blockbuster hits for Deepika like Subhanallah and Khuda Jaane says, ”Deepika is a whole vibe in Besharam Rang and the track is addictive because of her! I have many sung many songs for Deepika but some have been of romance, some have been of falling in love, some have been of finding your true self, but this one is very different. This one is where she is confident in her own skin, she’s like taking on the world as brilliant as she is and she (her character in the film) is in fact embracing her good and the flaws that she has!”

The talented singer adds, “Deepika is saying that this is what I have to offer to the whole world and I think that is what I love about the song. Many women across the world need to feel really confident in their skin, no matter where we come from. We need to embrace our goodness with the flaws and really celebrate ourselves and that is what I love about Besharam Rang and really hope the audiences love it. Have a blast listening to it guys.”

The song features a sizzling Deepika with Shah Rukh Khan, who plays a gun-toting spy with a license to kill in Pathaan. Both are looking their hottest and fittest best as Deepika flaunts her hot bod in bikinis and SRK – a perfectly chiselled eight pack! Besharam Rang was shot in Spain’s most gorgeous coastal towns Mallorca, Cadiz and Jerez.

SRK and Deepika are one of the biggest on-screen pairings in the history of Indian cinema given their epic blockbusters Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express and Happy New Year.

Pathaan is India’s biggest ever action spectacle for audiences. The visually spectacular Yash Raj Films’ action extravaganza, Pathaan, is part of Aditya Chopra’s ambitious spy universe and has the biggest superstars of the country Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in it. The adrenaline pumping, visually extravagant film is set to release on Jan 25, 2023 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


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