Did you know this huge chunk of approx revenue has been rolling around on Bigg Boss?

By mishti manjari
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Currently running in its 16th season, Bigg Boss is indeed one of the most successful nonfiction television reality shows of all time. Having hosted consecutively for 12 years, superstar Salman Khan is a big reason for making it the success that it is today. While the show is well known for bringing some of the most interesting and known faces of the nation under one roof, it has certainly managed to play around a big money game that the show earns from the brands, sponsorship, film promotions, and in many more ways. Last year, Bigg Boss OTT is said to have garnered 120 Cr. to 150 Cr. in advertising revenue, according to media experts. Moreover, as the popularity of the show is on a constant rise, its revenue for this season can easily be estimated to be around 180 to 200 Cr. approx.


Having ruled the TV sets of the nation for a long time now, the show has only seen an increase in its revenues with every season. This season of Bigg Boss has witnessed a 41% and 40% increase in viewership on TV and OTT, respectively.

The appearance of Salman Khan as a host of Bigg Boss is not just limited to attracting the audience but the superstar in himself carries a huge brand value that drags the attention of many brands towards it. Bigg Boss today has become a platform where everything gets multiple, be it entertainment or money. With every season the rise of Bigg Boss has been witnessed and so does the investment in it.

Well, the strength of the show is wholeheartedly Salman Khan and this is the reason why brands chase to invest a whopping amount on the show. From its, presenting sponsor, 'Powered by' sponsors, 'driven by' sponsors to its trending partners, the show has got a strong financial backup. It is indeed a hot property for brands, Film promotions, and advertisers to position their brand or product and attract the maximum number of eyeballs toward them.

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