Pan Indian Film, HanuMan teaser is a visual spectacle that kicks off India’s first Indian mythology based Super-Hero cinematic universe!

So how do you make mythology more palatable to the modern audiences? The makers of upcoming multilingual superhero film HanuMan surely know the trick.

The film written and directed by Prasanth Varma is devised as a beauty blend of stories rooted in Indian mythology and modern technology. The film has definitely established its foresight in terms of envisioning a true blue superhero flick rooted deep in our culture. The film stars Telugu actors Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Vinay Rai in lead roles. The teaser takes the audience through the different facets of Lord Hanuman and how his powers help in the greater good in the world, setting it in modern times. World’s first Indian mythology based Superhero cinematic universe is in the making and HanuMan is the origin film from this universe.

Talking about it, Prasanth Varma says, “We wanted to create a unique movie that takes the tropes off our own culture and make it into a modern movie. Lord Hanuman is symbolic of strength, resilience and his ability to persevere is admirable. We have shown a young boy who embodies the spirit of Hanuman and transforms into a modern day superhero. Our attempt is to give audiences a visual spectacle at par with any Hollywood superhero adventure but the beauty is that the story is relatable for people in every nook and alley of our country. This film will just be the beginning of my cinematic universe.”

The young boy washes on the shore of an unknown beach and how the power of Hanuman comes into him as he battles an evil Goliath. There’s a glimpse of Hanumanji meditating in a cave that makes for the teaser’s grand finish. Varma says, “As storytellers, it is imperative that we find more home grown stories. This is amongst the first pan India superhero films to come out of the country. It’s a story that we all know and has visuals that we will all relate to. I was thrilled to be telling the story. As a director, I have always wanted to make films that are deeply rooted within our culture. There’s an effort to imbue the tale with newness and I have successfully made a movie that comes straight from the heart.”

The film is being presented by RKD Studios, one of the leading producers and distributors of South Indian Films. The film has been produced by K Niranjan Reddy under his banner Prime Show Entertainment.


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