Is Full House The Best Hand in Poker? Read To Know More

A full house is easy to make and thus it is considered the best hand in Poker. But, why? To know the answer, continue reading the article.

Poker is a widely known card game. In this game, if you make the best hand combination, you win the game. The poker hands are basically the deciding factor for a victory. If you have ever heard of this game, then you must have come across the term full house. But, what is a full house in poker? In the rankings of poker hands, the full house stands fourth. This hand can be created with 5 cards having a pair and three-of-a-kind. As it is on No.4, a straight flush hand and a four-of-a-kind are higher than Full House. However, this hand is at a higher position than flush. If more than one player makes a full house, then a player whose card values match the hands is higher, then he/she wins the round.

Full House

Full House is a poker hand that is formed with two other hands in poker. These hands are three-of-a-kind and a pair. To create a full house, a player needs two cards of similar numbers or face values plus any three cards of the same numbers. Simply put, to form this poker hand, which is also known as a boat, you will require three cards of similar ranks and two of a different rank. In Poker, this hand is quite unique and the chance of getting this hand simultaneously is also very thin. The probability of creating a full house using a standard deck of 52 cards (excluding printed jokers) is 3744. According to the rules of Poker, Aces comprising kings and a pair of Kings is the highest Full House.

Full House ranking in Poker

According to the standard poker hand rankings, the full house stands in the fourth position against other hand combinations. It is below the four-of-a-kind hand, as per Texas Hold’em Poker. In this hand combination, out of five cards, 4 should be of the rank alike. For example, rank 4, rank 4, rank 4, rank 4 and rank 7 forms this poker hand. A full house is also positioned above flush which ranks 5th place in Poker hand rankings. To form this hand, you need to combine 5 cards from similar suits. For example, 8, 6, 5, 3 and 2 numbered cards of ♠️ can be called a flush.

Full House in Poker: Rules

As per Poker rules, to form a full house, players need to create a three-of-a-kind first. The rank of the full house is determined by the cards that have been used to create the three-of-a-kind. After that, players need to form a pair of cards having similar ranks. There are some cases where the cards in three-of-a-kind decide the ranking of a full house. Also, in many cases, it is the pair that decides the full house’s ranking. Remember, if there’s a full house where three-of-a-kind consists of Aces, then that combination is the winner.

How to use Full House in a Poker game?

In this section, you will learn how to use a Full House in poker games like Omaha and Texas Hold’em. In both these games, this hand is very essential. Because the winner of these games is decided by the fact who has the better hand combination with the five cards. But, before we start how to play this hand in both games, let’s learn the rules first.


Omaha is a Texas Hold’em variant. When the game starts, the dealer gives 4 cards to each player. Unlike Texas Hold’em, in this form of Poker, 5 cards are placed on the table face-down. Players must choose 2 cards out of 4 to play the game. And when they have to make the five-card hand, they need to use two cards. This is the only difference between Omaha and Texas Hold’em Poker. The rest of the rules are similar to that of Texas Hold’em Poker. Now let’s look at an example and understand this game. Suppose, the dealer presented 3 community cards on the table: Queen, Queen and Jack. A player may have formed a hand comprising queen, king, jack and ace. And the second player has formed a hand comprising Queen, 7, King and 8. So, in this scenario, the player with all the high-value cards will be declared the winner.  

Texas Hold’em

Next, we have the famous Texas Hold’em Poker. It is the most straightforward Poker variant available. If you are a beginner at Poker, then you should start with Texas Hold’em. Each player gets two cards in this game which are placed face down on the table. After that, five community cards are placed on the table face up. And like the basic rule of Poker, the player who makes the best hand wins the game. Usually, at the start and end of the game, players place their bets. In this game, players must remember to use a seven-card combination.

We can say that Full House is a great hand combination in poker if used properly. But, remember that it ranks 4th in the poker hand rankings so, anyone using a hand above full house will win. To know more about Poker or to play a game, visit GetMega.

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