Feels Like Home Season 2 – Engaging and a breath of fresh air!

Director: Sahir Raza

Cast – Prit Kamani, Anshuman Malhotra, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, Himika Bose, Inayat Sood

Rating: 4 stars.

First season of Lionsgate Play’s Feels Like Home kicked off with four boys living independently at a posh villa in Delhi – Banchod Niwas. The boys are back with the new season and their struggle with the daily challenges of life have changed, but amidst free-flowing spirit, emotions, friendship and heartbreaks, they learn some valuable lessons, transforming them into mature adults.

Lakshay, Avinash, Sameer and Akhil hone very different personalities, face challenges of life by working through them as a team, rather than individually. The second instalment is refined in-terms of writing and execution, and the ensemble keeping the vibe and mood the same, which is a rare feat in series space.

Lakshay (Prit Kamani) finally starts addressing his real issues, fears, insecurities and wanting the things which are complicated. He has a girlfriend, which is Avi’s (Vishnu Kaushal) ex – this further complicates Avi and Lakshay’s friendship. Avi doesn’t take things maturely – which is relatable, and not dramatic at all.

Sameer (Anshuman Malhotra) – the voice of reason in the group, is being called out about his fake façade of reason and bravado by his girlfriend/ friend (Himika Bose), who isn’t buying his lies anymore and forces him to move forward. Dhriti’s character is a strong one, and well portrayed by Himika. This relationship still stands complicated, but has scope in the next season.

Budding cricketer Akhil Gandhi (Mihir Ahuja) is kicked off his team due to leg injury and he starts to question everything in life. He even decides to quit cricket and tries his hands at stage management, only to find his real passion and real girlfriend. Yes, Gandhi might just have a girlfriend next season – we urge the makers for this track!

Feels Like Home is set around college boys, which is a perfect opportunity for random, raw, real and yet relatable moments in life and writers have explored it all. There is less of gaali-galoch and sex-comedy in the series, which is refreshing to watch.

In the first season, Akshay Oberoi had very little screen-space, but in the second season he has more to add to the story, in fact there is a whole fun episode around Vicky Paji, and it is hilarious!

Feels like Home’ starts many stories but doesn’t necessarily conclude them, because it doesn’t need conclusion, its just about coming to terms with certain issues. The slice-of-life show where young men address their vulnerabilities, feels real and refreshing. Friendship being the core of season 2 once again, the makers have ensured the storyline moves and the ‘boys to manhood’ journey is captured through the season. The first episode somewhere makes you feel there has been no movement, but it rapidly changes. There’s something new to look forward to in each episode. From character arc to romance to friendship and lots of drama – feels like home season 2 is an engaging and feel good drama.

The show is produced by Lionsgate India and Writeous Studios, created by Sidhanta Mathur and penned by Chiranjeevi Bajpai, Parikshit Joshi, Gauri Pandit and Sidhanta Mathur. The show starts streaming from 7th October on Lionsgate Play.


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