XG post MASCARA fan compilation and XTRA XG Series to YouTube

By Sanjana Chavan
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XG post MASCARA fan compilation and XTRA XG Series to YouTube

Having taken the world by storm with their debut single, Tippy Toes (20 Million views on Youtube) and their follow up single MASCARA (30 Million views on Youtube), XG posted a new video on the 12th January.


The newly released 'MASCARA (Fan Compilation)' is a supercut of dance covers uploaded to social media by fans from around the world, showcasing the strength and unity of the ALPHAZ, XG's fandom.

Following the video’s release, XG posted on their official social media to thank fans.

Viewers from all over the world commented.
'It's so inspiring to know that they’ve seen us and it makes us want to do it again.'
'It's a big surprise that we have such a beautiful official video!’
'I'm crying…I want to say thank you to everyone around the world.'
'I feel so much love from all over the world and from the XG team.'
'The group with the best fans.'


XG also posted the 'XTRA XG' series to YouTube, which features behind-the-scenes footage of previously released XG videos - showing a more natural side to the members. Five episodes have been released in the series so far.

XG - MASCARA (Fan Compilation)

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