BTS Leader RM goes live on weverse on his birthday, J-Hope feels like a ‘successful fan’ after getting a shoutout from RM

September 12 might be just another day for you but for members of BTS and ARMYs worldwide it is BTS leader RM‘s Day as its his birthday. Each year, everyone comes together to celebrate the members’ birthdays, and it is no exception for RM.

The members all extended their own loving and cute well wishes to RM through social media, whether it was heartwarming messages, photos, and memories.

Of course, RM made sure to treat ARMYs after going live on Weverse for a special broadcast. Along with sharing spoilers of his photofolio, he went live on Weverse to chat to ARMYs about everything from the group’s music, the holidays, and much more. This has been a tradition for so long, the members go live and celebrate their birthdays with the ARMY’s and some or the other or more members come and wish them in the live. Its been the same every year but it never gets old. The wishes have the same if not increasing amount of love in them each year.

As much as ARMYs were loving RM’s live broadcast, there was someone else who really wanted to share his love for BTS’s leader and get a special shoutout, and it was none other than fellow member J-Hope.

BTS has started moving to Weverse for their live broadcasts, and it has become easier for ARMYs to see when other members are watching. In particular, J-Hope seemed to be enjoying commenting on RM’s stream, and they would appear in huge blue boxes to make sure they were highlighted.

Throughout the broadcast, J-Hope was sending RM messages. Even when RM was sharing his love for the members, J-Hope was in the comment revealing his own love all seven members of BTS. It almost seemed like a comment a minute.

Like all ARMYs, it seemed that all J-Hope wanted was to be noticed by RM. Considering how many comments were in the feed, it wasn’t surprising that BTS’s leader might have missed something, but J-Hope wasn’t giving up.

In one message, J-Hope seemed to really be needing to find a way to get RM’s attention as he wrote, “RM, please look here [at the message]”

In the end, RM finally saw one of J-Hope’s comments. Yet, considering how large the comments were compared to ARMYs, it wasn’t surprising that RM finally noticed one of J-Hope’s messages, and he had the funniest reaction after seeing them.

Luckily, J-Hope must’ve stayed online and kept commenting until he finally got a shoutout from his favorite BTS leader.

Of course, his reaction was just as cute after seeing the shoutout from RM. Alongside explaining that he could calm down with the comments because RM saw his, he even added that he was a “successful fan” after being noticed.

Although it wasn’t surprising that RM saw J-Hope’s comments because of the size, it was adorable that J-Hope was there leaving supportive comments. It isn’t the first time J-Hope has been active in the comments of his members’ broadcasts. It proves that nobody is as big a fan of BTS as the members themselves.


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