PopDiaries Flashes The Spotlight On AI-Based Entertainment Content Valuation!

Use an AI lens to catch up on the trendiest topics in entertainment at Pop Diaries.

Pop Diaries is undoubtedly the best one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs – from movie reviews to the latest fashion trends. But what if we told you that you could now access all this and MORE on the website? Pop Diaries is excited to announce its collaboration with Kunato, an AI-Tech company from the United States, to use their patented AI technology, Kunato.Ai, to bring you customized entertainment news powered by AI. As we progress into the world of Artificial Intelligence, it is in our best interest to find uses for technology in every line of business. The creation and consumption of content is one of the only areas still unregulated and unmonetized – but not for long! Kunato.Ai has brought content valuation to the website where each article published now has a real-time market price attached to it. What does that mean for readers? Don’t worry – you won’t have to pay a thing to read these articles! The prices simply denote the intrinsic value of the article based on calculations done by a set of quantitative deep learning algorithms which consider the genre, uniqueness, demand and more to assign it.

The prices change every second and as readers, you can now see the price history of each article as well as the user demand for it by interacting with the price (hover over it or tap it to see more!). This new feature is here to fulfill your entertainment needs with ease and here’s how. By seeing accurate prices beside each article, you can decide whether it is worth your time to read it – this encourages conscious consumption of content based on its value and not popularity. Secondly, you all know that the entertainment industry is changing every second and so to keep up with these changes, the pricing system shows you the prices of older articles and you can make sure not to miss anything important.

A new content economy is arising! As we stay in-tune with the latest info, our content experience is now monetizing content as commodities to encourage a healthier consumption experience. This idea has been created and executed by Kunato, a company that has achieved the tremendous support of over 80 partners and reached over 35 million users already. They continue to innovate in the AI-tech space to find uses of their patented technology that can bring tangible benefits to the content economy.


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