‘She Assaulted Me’, Gangs Of Wasseypur actor Zeishan Quadri breaks silence on Allegations against him by Shalini Chaudhary

Gangs of Wasseypur actor Zeishan Quadri has been engaged in a legal battle against his former business partner and producer Shalini Chaudhary. The legal battle started after she alleged that Quadri reportedly cheated her financially, sold her luxury cars without her knowledge and then threatened her.

Now, the producer has finally addressed the allegations and said that she is trying to tarnish his name in the industry with baseless allegations. Narrating his perspective, Zeishan Quadri claimed that he is a ‘victim’ and alleged that it was Shalini and her family who assaulted him.

Narrating a contradictory account, the producer claims to be a victim, and alleges that it was Shalini and her family who assaulted him in the public place.

Quadri said, The case which she has filed is completely baseless. He asked for the evidence stating he threatened her. He also said he has never ever raised his voice on her or anyone.

Quadri added that he decided to speak up now because the allegations can hamper his career, with people taking advantage of his silence.

Earlier in August 2022, Chaudhary, who worked with Quadri on Crime Patrol’s Dial 100 and a film titled Halahal (2020), in her complaint stated that he took her Audi car and mortgaged it for ₹12 lakh after dodging her calls for the past year.

He has been booked for cheating and criminal breach of trust under sections 420 and 406 of the IPC.

Opening up about the allegations, the actor shared that it was back in 2018 when he first met her and she expressed her desire to work with him on Crime Patrol, and then they joined hands. They had also worked on Halahal. All the dues from his side were cleared on October 27, 2020, which he said ‘Okay’.

Quadri further stated that he has the bank statements to prove it. And that has not had any monetary transaction with her after that. Then further explaining that in June-July she spoke of her car, requesting him to help her sell it because she was in dire need of money.

Quadri also claimed that despite him asked her to take her car back, she insisted on keeping it and selling it!

The actor continued, “Soon after the deal, I got a call from her son saying that they are unable to clear the self-cheque at the bank, saying that the person who has issued the cheque needs to be present. I spoke to the buyer and then the party transferred the money to me. It was me who transferred it to Shalini”.

As per the Hindustan Times report, he also sent an amount of ₹5,75,000 to Chaudhary. “The cheque was dated for November 9. Amounts of 1,75,000 and 4,00,000 were transferred to her on November 11 and 12. I told them to return the cheque of ₹6 lakh and take ₹25,000 in cash. Her son agreed. But they didn’t clear transaction,” he says, adding that soon he started getting calls from them abusing me, “telling me that their car was getting sold at 26 lakhs”.

He added, “They used filthy language, which I can’t even tell you. I have voice notes on WhatsApp. They asked me to get the car back, which they sold in the first place. When I stopped responding to her abusive messages, she accused me of not picking her calls. I blocked her number”.

The actor revealed that Shalini even filed a complaint against him at Malad police station in January, and couldn’t go to appear before the officials, since he was diagnosed with Covid. Reportedly, he was supposed to go to the police station on January 25, but he claims that Chaudhary’s sons assaulted her on January 24.

“They asked me for 16 lakhs for the car and 10 lakhs for Halahal. I refused. After the incident, I was shocked and under so much trauma. After 10 days, I filed a complaint against them, and the inquiry is still going on,” he says, adding he thought of dropping it thinking she is a single mother.

Furthermore, the actor also shared that he even received summoned sent by her, “My lawyer presented my side. But those people finally filed a case against me. We showed all the proofs to the court. The court’s order is expected on September 7,” he says, asserting, “They’re trying to make a name for themselves by tarnishing my image”.

Now, in July, he got the summon sent by her, After the case order on September 7, he will file a defamation suit against her. “I will also take forward my FIR in the assault case. She is trying to destroy my name, and my career, and I will not remain silent,” he says while ending.


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