Blackpink Lisa Opens up about how chemicals damaged her hair! Here are 5 Hacks we recommend you to repair chemically damaged hair

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Are you an avid hair enthusiast? If you love styling your hair in all kinds of ways, you are exactly like Lisa . In fact, her bleached hair has become somewhat of an icon even though it is way too damaged at this point. But hey, when you are Lisa, you can totally nail that too!

Rapper and dancer Lisa Manoban is from Thailand. She is a part of “BlackPink,” a South Korean girl group. She is the newest member of the group and has established herself as their primary rap artist, singer, and dancer. She has had hits with “Boombayah,” “Whistle,” and “Du-Du Du-Du.”

Lisa recently stunned her viewers with a brand-new batch of videos for her YouTube channel. The artist gave BLACKPINK fans a behind-the-scenes look at her solo debut, including her visual preparation, under the moniker “LiLi’s World.” Nobody anticipated that she would demonstrate the damage that all the chemicals had done to her hair.

In the footage, Lisa can be seen leaving for the salon to have her hair lightened at one point. She initially claims to be excited and claims to have hardly slept due to her nervousness, but her attitude shifts slightly when she learns that the entire operation will take more than 5 hours.

If we can put it like way, Lisa records all that time, and she confesses that her hair was severely damaged after the release of the K-Pop group’s most recent single, “Lovesick Girls.” She gave her hair a blonde makeover in preparation for her homecoming. Lisa stated that even though the painting was finished in October 2020—nearly a year prior—her hair had not yet fully recovered. Later, she makes an appearance with much lighter hair and displays her tips.

If you are also facing hair damage like Lisa we understand and stand with you! Chemically damaged hair can be an annoying side effect of keeping up with your favorite hair color trends. Add in the environment, heat styling, and the wear and tear of your everyday hair care routine and eventually it’s time to do something about the dry, frizzy state our strands are in. When the hair damage catches up to you, it’s important to have an arsenal of products, tips and tricks to heal your strands and bring your hair back to its healthiest state.

Chances are you have some level of hair damage, most people do. If you’ve ever lightened or colored your hair, or had another form of chemical treatment like a perm or relaxer, you’re probably dealing with chemically damaged hair. But it’s not just chemicals that cause damage to your hair; any kind of significant traction can lead to hair damage. This includes everyday styling like brushing your hair or putting it into a ponytail.

Here are some Hacks and fixes to repair your damaged hair!

  1. Wash your hair less and condition it more! The natural oils from your scalp help to reduce damage so lather up only two to three times a week. Make sure to use a nourishing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. And chemically damaged hair calls for a nourishing leave-in treatment to combat split ends.
  2. Pay special attention to your scalp. A healthy scalp provides a healthy environment for new strands to grow. Cleansing your scalp with a purifying gel at least twice a week will keep it moisturized and can help prevent further damage.
  3. End your showers with a cool rinse. Rinsing your hair with cool water after you wash seals the cuticle so that your hair looks healthy and shiny. Bring dry, frizzy hair back to life with a shot of cool water at the end of your next shower!
  4. Start hair-masking immediately. To make sure your thirsty strands are quenched and keep brittle hair at bay you need to incorporate a hair mask, at least weekly. A super-hydrating deep conditioning hair mask will leave your hair with newfound strength and shine.
  5. Be gentle when you brush.Even combing or brushing can cause breakage to your hair over time. Look for brushes or combs that are specifically designed to de-tangle the hair gently. Only comb your hair when it’s dry.Your hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet, making that the worst time to run a comb through it. Use your comb or brush to detangle your hair before washing, combing through through the ends first and moving up to the roots.

What more you can do other than these 5 hacks is Get regular trims, Add some layers to your hair, Stay away from elastic hair ties and most importantly Eat more protein and healthy fats.

Do try these hacks and let us know if it worked for you!
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