“Adil Dhokebaaz Nahi Hai”, Rakhi Sawant on rumours about Adil Marrying his Ex-Girlfriend

Rakhi Sawant, underwent an operation on August 30, she came Live on Instagram to inform fans about her health and also clarify rumours about her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani marrying his ex-girlfriend, Roshina Delavari.

Talking about her operation, Rakhi asked her fans to pray for her to get healthy again as she just underwent a surgery for her stomach and also that Adil is with her always and reassuring that she is fine now.

She continued revealing that she had been waiting for this operation for 2.5 years and couldn’t do it due to Corona and then she joined Bigg Boss so it was left on hold. She revealed there was a knot in her stomach which has been removed as she wants to get ready for the next Bigg Boss.

There were several messages during her Live about Adil’s ex-Roshina putting up a story about her marriage with him. To this, Rakhi reacted sternly and told them to, “Let her bark”, further calling Adil ‘Hers’ and saying he loves her truly and concluding with “Adil dhokebaaz nahi hai.”

An angry Rakhi added, All girls are after Adil because he’s smart and handsome. Roshina is doing a publicity stunt. She further dragged her by calling her a ‘bewdi’, saying Roshina calls herself Muslim but does drugs and drinks.

She then refused to talk about Roshina saying it upsets her. She confirmed Adil doesn’t talk to her, doesn’t call her and that Roshina keeps putting posts on her own.

Rakhi praised Adil for being there by her side at the hospital and also revealed how he cried after she got out of the operation theatre.

Talking about the love they share, Rakhi said, “My Adil is going to be a star. Mene khod ke nikala hai kohinoor heera. Mujhe bahot pyaar krta hai Adil. Adil kabhi mujhe dhokha nahi dega. Humara pyaar bahot sacha hai ek dusre ke liye. Logon ne bahot dhokhe diye mujhe phir khuda ne acha banda bhej diya. Todne wale toh hazaar aate hain, jodne wale parmeshwar ke bande hote hain.”

In the Live session, Rakhi was also asked about their marriage but she said that they won’t tie the knot right now because Adil has a sister who also needs to get married. Adil also clarified in the chat that ‘meri girlfriend meri jaan hai’ and called the rumours as ‘baseless’.

It was causing her a lot of trouble and she added, “So I decided that I should get it eliminated. I have been under the treatment of Dr Vina Shinde. They are likely to keep me in the hospital for two more days. Currently, I am not walking much and advised to rest. I have been given a list of dos and don’ts in my diet. I am managing.”


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