Pina Colada Blues is ready to make us swoon with his new single, Tera Nishaan ft. Anumita Nadesan!

Making his way into the mainstream music scene with his Indie-pop sensations, Pina Colada Blues is ready to make us swoon with his new single, Tera Nishaan feat. Anumita Nadesan.

A song that creates an emotion is hard to find but talent in the pandemic, especially in the Indie music scenehas emerged like none other; one of these talented artists is Pina Colada Blues! After giving us hits in the form of a Malayalam album and Hindi Indie-pop singles, the talented composer and producer is back again with his second composition featuring Anumita Nadesan, titled Tere Nishaan.

Talking about the song with a lot of love, he expressed what makes it beautiful, “This song aims to capture the magical moment in which two people share a glance and begin to feel something special. The excitement and nervousness that moment brings along with the hope for the things that could happen is what Tere Nishaan represents. The music, the melody and the words, all engross the listener and teleport them to a place that feels personal, wonderful and familiar.”

If one needs to know how and when a talent like Pina Colada Blues hit the nation like a boon? Well, for starters it all began during the insufferable pandemic wherein stuck at home, we had only social media platforms and ourselves to get by!

However, not losing out this chance, Pina Colada Blues emerged as a rising star, talking abojt the same, he said, “I started out in 2020 during COVID and made music whenever I had the idea and was free to do so. I started by releasing singles & later released an album in Malayalam later in 2021. I got into the Hindi Indie-Pop scene in the late 2021, one thing lead to another and now here we are! I’m very grateful to have people listening to my music and I’m feeling the love right now.”

While his songs give love, bring peace to many as he himself becomes an aspiration to millions, what makes him inspired? Here is what the producer had to say, “Inspiration for me is everywhere, be it a small journey, a walk, meeting someone or even some past events or a memory. Once a small spark comes, I make sure I draft it down as soon as possible so I remember that and don’t lose it later.”

However, when asled whether he too is stressed with the ongoing music scene being so dynamic and uncertain with the audiences as well as the remix culture taking over, he opiniated saying, “Well initially I used to say it was easy. But to be honest, it’s getting harder nowadays. But my passion and dreams for music help me find time. Moreover, I don’t have anything against the remix culture. A different and fresh take on any existing song needs to be appreciated as it shows the endless possibilities for each song. A remix could even be popular than the original, and that’s cool.

However, at times there are remixes that annoy me and I generally try and not listen to it rather than hating it, simply because a song I don’t like could be a song someone else likes!” We definitely agree and love how beautifully Pina Colada Blues has clearly put things in perspective.

We wish the best to this rising star and his new single hitting the charts right away, Tere Nishaan is definitely worth streaming and loving!


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