5 most relatable dialogues from Ratnaa Sinha’s ‘Middle Class Love’ that will ring true for everyone who hails from a middle-class home

A day after the trailer of Ratnaa Sinha’s ‘Middle Class Love’ dropped, netizens lapped up the film for its quirk and relatability. The film speaks in a way that will remind us of all the middle-class experiences and moments that we have grown up with. The lead actor Prit Kamani brands this as ‘middleclasseosis’ – a disease most of us are born with and aspire to break away from. Here’s a look at the most quirkiest and relatable lines from Middle Class Love: Here’s looking at the quirkiest, most relatable lines from Middle Class Love –

1) Jitni Chaadar Ho Utni Hi Poan Pacharo

Youngsters are often lectured about having splurged on an expensive phone that they bought, an exciting goa trip that was engineered during a weekend or even the designer dress they bought without sparing a thought to the cost that was incurred. This dialogue epitomises that middle-class parent who admonishes his son in order to instil the value of not just hard work but also how he needs to save money.

2) Par Nikalte Ja rahe hain iske

Parents from middle-class families often say this to put their kids to put them in their place. The moment the son’s or daughter’s thought process doesn’t adhere to middle-class ways, the parents are quick to point out that they are punching above their weight.

3) Tabhi toh hum jaise middle bacche life mein cool nahi ban paate, jinhe virasat mein mili hai ek khatarnak bimari… Middleclassiosis!

For any youngster who wants to appear cool, the association with anything even remotely middle-class is sheer anathema! In fact, middle-class mentality is viewed as a disease by the film’s protagonist and he refers to it as ‘midleclassiosis.’ According to him, this is an ailment that is passed from one generation to the other.

4) Ghar ke liye sab karte hai beta!

In a middle-class household, this is staple line. It’s supposed to spur you into going that extra mile and do household chores. Almost bordering on emotional blackmail, parents get their children to go the extra mile even for the most inane things.

5) Hamari life mein choti bindi wali ladkiyaan likhi hain

This line summarises of how middle-class men have accepted that they will never be able to find the girl they want to be with because she is out of their league. They have to unwillingly settle for the one who is also middle class. Middle class match made in heaven!


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