Opinion: Bollywood’s Performance Continues To Fall In Box Office The Problem Is Bollywood Is Being Quantitative And Not Qualitative

Considering the performance of Bollywood films at the Box Office in the past few months and the type of films that are released on screen have surely displayed the degrading work of the Indian filmmakers. The audiences are not liking the story that the Bollywood filmmakers are coming up with for their audience.

During the covid period question was asked to the filmmakers and actors OTT is on the rise right now do you think it will change the algorithms the way the film industry works and the theatres are reopened will people show up? then many were of the opinion that will come and watch the films in cinema hall because that is the culture and the experience big screen gives people won’t get it on their cell phone, laptop or smart TV’s screen for that matter. But that notion is turning out to be wrong. Considering the box office collection of the various Bollywood films like Heropanti 2, Bachchan Pandey, Dhaakad, Jersey, etc People have unambiguously chosen to show the red flag.

Taking it further from the size of the screen, It makes me ask the question is there no creativity left? because people are not willing to spend a good amount of money for a film that has no storyline. And we par surely par the era where the film used to do well despite having bad stories pulled off by the actors. Thus filmmakers should go beyond making conventional commercial filmmaking.

Currently, many of the films that are coming out are remakes of some or the other regional film. Is there no originality left? Bollywood needs to do a lot better than making remakes, love stories, and family sagas. Because the trailers or the teasers of the film are not compelling enough to bring the audience to the cinema halls.

The actors too play a major role in deciding whether the film will be a success or not. A lot of films did not do well because the actor did not really fit in the role. Thus filmmakers should also choose the actors wisely without keeping any biases.

Right now the scenario is such that Bollywood is focused on the numbers like the quantitative terms every some film releasing many in the cinema halls while some on OTT platforms. But what is left unnoticed is the quality! they are very much lacking in qualitative terms. The quality of the films is highly compromised. Thus, alarming time for Bollywood and everyone involved in it taking from story writers to filmmakers and actors to think over it!


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Varsha Mehata


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