Harsh Rajput to starr in Pishachini

Exclusive!! Harsh Rajput Says Indian Telly Is Forever, Not Even OTT Can Takeover!

OTT Platforms taking over Telly? Upcoming supernatural show Pishachini Actor Harsh Rajput deny's the possibility and says not for more than 10 years.

OTT Platforms taking over Telly? Upcoming supernatural show Pishachini Actor Harsh Rajput deny’s the possibility and says not for more than 10 years.

Questions covered:

  • Will OTT take Over Indian Telly?
  • Has our Telly evolved to resource the development of such fantasy dramas?
  • What creates a great chemistry onscreen and keeps it alive?
  • Why should the audience watch Pishachini?

Harsh Rajput who was last seen in Kuch Toh Hai, is now all ready to starr in another Supernatural Fantasy Show Pishachini which also has Nyra Banerjee and Jiya Shankar as the lead roles alongside Harsh.

Harsh Rajput to starr in Pishachini
Harsh Rajput to starr in Pishachini

Harsh was sat down for an exclusive interview with PopDiaries. Starting with OTT as it has been a trending topic since pandemic has made OTT platforms our go-to we asked if he thinks OTT is heavily taking over TV and BO.

“I don’t think so, we still have a huge number of people who’s only source of entertainment is television. And Bhale hi koi tv dekh raha ho ya nahi, TV hamesha chalu rehta hai (Even tho no one is watching the TV, it stays on all the time). And even though a small amount of population has shifted to OTT’s, TV’s presence is going to stay for more than 10 years.” the Pishachini actor answered.

There are a lot of fantasy shows in foreign countries like Game of Thrones which Indian people are hooked on because of their love for fantasy and fiction dramas, these shows have very high level production and great VFX compared to the shows in India, we asked Harsh if he thinks our telly has evolved to resource the development of such fantasy dramas to which he said, “Those are high budget show and they put a lot of money in their production and even though we lack resources we do a pretty good job and where it comes to Pishachini we have amazing visuals, larger than life pictures, intriguing storyline. In all senses it is a full package.

As we can see in shows and movies the chemistry between the couples and other actors is phenomenal, So what do you think creates a great chemistry on screen and keeps it alive? To which the actor smiled and said,

“Well, its our job as an actor, apko vo chiz believe karani hoti hai jo unbelieveable hai. (You have to make people believe in things that feel unbelievable), also since you are shooting so many hours and days, it becomes easy for the actor to build that chemisty  because ap vo character apne real life se jyada jeene lagte hai (because you start living as the character more than your real life) . By the end of the day it does drain you emotionally as you put a lot of emotions.”

And for the audience, you might be wondering why you should watch Pishachini, so here’s what Harsh wants to say, “Well, It’s a Supernatural Fantasy Family Entertainer. Iski storyline bhot jyada intriguing hai, apko larger than life pictures dekhne ko milenge (The storyline is intriguing and has larger than life pictures in the show too), at the same time you’ll get a show that will keep you on edge. And Pishachini has a unique storyline so once you start watching you’ll get hooked to it!”

Actor Harsh who has been very famous for his roles in shows like Nazar, Kuch Toh Hai: Yeh Hai Aashiqui had debuted with Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan on Starplus and had also starred in shows like Dharm Veer, Crazy Stupid Ishq where he landed his first lead role. And in August 2022, he will be seen playing the role of Rocky opposite Jiya Shankar and Nyra Banerjee in Colors TV show Pishachini from Monday to Friday at 10pm.

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