Rocketry : The Nambi Effect Review – R Madhavan Gives His Career Best Performance In This Beautifully Crafted Film

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R.Madhavan’s Rocketry : The Nambi Effect will inspire and motivate you with head-strong story of a genius who has played a pivotal role in creating history for India

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Rocketry : The Nambi Effect takes you through the journey of events which involved genius Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation, being falsely accused of espionage in 1994.

Taking the world by a storm R.Madhavan has indeed given us the best of stories of a man who needed to be heard, in Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, as he portrays the man of honour Nambi Narayanan. here’s a whole lot of biographies and autobiographical representation taking place in Indian Cinema, but only few are actually worth the applause, Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is definitely one if those few. A film that needs to be watched for a story that needs to be heard as the talented Madhavan unfolds the quite unreal yet real life of Nambi Narayanan filled with unbearable struggles.

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From the very start to the very end, Madhavan holds his form as Nambi Narayanan beautifully, there are no words that can ever describe the talent of this actor as he conquers all hearts with his to-the-point act. Moreover, not only the mains are good but also the sides, as we take in each character being portrayed with astounding reality and natural finesse. Some points in the film will leave you breathless with the sheer emotions and at times with subtle edge.

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The film is directed with a creative flow that shows the past and reiterating of the story smoothly. There’s never a point wherein there’s too much of science jargon creating any layman confusion, moreover, there are few quick comic timings that hit the right note and bring in some cheer to this dramatic telling of a striving life story. It wouldn’t be false to say that all of it makes the movie worth experiencing. The audience is greatly invested in the film and throughout, it never distracts the attention it has been granted. It is only a cherry on the cake that Rocketry has cameos from two very magnetic personalities as well, them being Shah Rukh Khan as himself, who indeed adds more than cameo touch to the end of this film.

Rocketry is flavored with a brilliant background score, magnificent cinematography, outstanding production design and splended art direction. On the flip side, the story of Indian space seemed bit long and stretched at some times. Lastly, the film is an experience that should be felt more than told by anyone, it is also a story that needs to be heard by all. A beautiful film indeed, that leave you with creative satisfaction as a consequence.

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On the whole, Rocketry : The Nambi Effect is a nice, brave attempt with wonderful direction and hard-hitting performances. Excellent 4/5. Go for it


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