Opinion: Overturning Roe vs Wade Is The Worst Kind Of Inhuman Act Against Women Kind; Denying The Rights To Take Decision About Their Own Health & Physique!

Currently, the issue of overturning Roe vs Wade a law that had once given the right to women to terminate their pregnancy through legal abortion has ignited wrath among all the women not just in the US but across the globe. Now, according to the new verdict given by the American Supreme Court abortion will be an offensive act and women have no right to make decisions about their pregnancy.

We already live in a male-dominated society that majorly works on patriarchal norms. And ruthless, draconian decisions like this make the survival of the women even more difficult in the society and strong hammer on women’s freedom. It is so miserable and agonizing at the same time that the females are denied the right to take the decision about their own health and physique.

Whether to carry a child in a womb for 9 months, going through all the physical pain and mental stress and transformation should be by choice that choice should be completely and undoubtedly of the lady who is carrying that life within her. No other person should have that right to make the decision for her.

The American Supreme Court by overturning this law has made the life of women in the US miserable and of course, such verdicts do have an impact on other countries across the globe. It will be so unfair for a lady who became pregnant because of an unfortunate incident like rape. It will also make the lives of poor women wretched. Her life will be devastated and it will be more like torture to her. This also has by default given males an upper hand and openly promoted patriarchy. This decision will also give rise to already increasing Religious and social conservatism.

Several people in the US are marching on the streets opposing the overturning of Joe vs Wade. They are carrying posters that read, “Overturn Roe? Hell no.” “End the Patriarchy.” “Abort the Court.” “Abortion Is Healthcare.” “End the Patriarchy.” “Abort the Court.” There is also a buzz on social media regarding the same.

One needs to understand that even though the law is specific to the US doesn’t mean others should be ignorant about this. The issue needs to be seen from a broader perspective and consider as a problem for Women Kind which can take place in other countries as well and needs to be prohibited and uprooted. A global pressure needs to be created and a mass movement should be commenced like during the George Floyd case to bring in the change.


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Varsha Mehata


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