Blackpink Girls Are Filthy Rich! Here’s The Net Worth Of The Each Of The Four Members Of The Group

Blackpink is an all-girls K-pop group that is very popular all over the world. The girls over the years of their journey have come up with some beautiful songs and have taken Korean music and Korean pop culture to new heights. Blackpink has made several music records and the fans wait for their concerts and new albums. The fans are waiting for their comeback and would love to see them together. 

Blackpink comprising – Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo are K-pop stars to take inspiration from. At such a young age the girls are earning millions of dollars. The girls not just make money through their concerts and albums but also through sources like being the brand ambassador for big labels and brands, collaboration, endorsements, etc. The aggregate income of all the four girls combined is nearly US$62 million. 

Here we take a look at the income of each member individually!


Lisa is the youngest and the most talented member of the four girls group. The young smart girl blessed with a beautiful voice, last year registered Guinness World Record on her name by releasing her solo album ‘Lalisa.’ Other than her successful career in the music industry, Lisa was also part of the entertainment shows like Real Man 300 and Youth With You. Apart from that she also works with several international brands like Celine, Prada, Bulgari, and MAC, AIS. According to the reports, she charges US$300,000 per show and US$600,000 per endorsement. 


The beauty with a brain started her career in the music industry with a solo album ‘R.’ After immense hard work and competition with 700 other aspirants she made a space for herself in the group Blackpink. She has collaborated with popular labels like Tiffany & Co, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiss Me, and Perfect World Mobile. The estimated income of this celeb is US$18 million.


Jisoo apart from her singing talent is well known for her acting skills. The superstar has featured in series like The Producers (2015) and Arthdal Chronicles (2019), Snowdrop (2021). Jisoo will make her solo debut with an individual album soon. She has worked for the brands like LG, Nikon, Samsonite, Dior Beauty, Cartier, and Kiss Me. Her net worth is US$ 20 million.


Jennie was the first member of the Blackpink who came up with the idea of launching a solo song. And she released her single titled ‘solo.’ Along with her music profession the young lady is associated with famous organizations like Calvin Klein, Hera, Samsung Galaxy, and Lotte Confectionery, Gentle Monster. Jennie’s earnings are around US$ 10 million.


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