How Dads Want To Enjoy His Father’s Day, According To Their Zodiac Signs!

Are you confused about what to do this Father's day? Well, your dad can do anything for you. Yet, when you ask him what he expects from you on his special day, he says "whatever you want".

Are you confused about what to do this Father’s day? Well, your dad can do anything for you. Yet, when you ask him what he expects from you on his special day, he says “whatever you want”.

After years of spending father’s day according to your choice, you can finally spend the day with your dad the way he wants. Thanks to Astrology, now you can make your dad feel special by knowing his side of perspective. All you need to do is to find out your dad’s zodiac sign to treat him the way he deserves. Check this list to find out how your dad wants to spend his father’s day according to his zodiac sign.

1. Aries

The Aries dad loves competition and adventure. At the same time, he is incredibly emotional and loves his family. This Father’s day, he would want to awaken his competitive spirit with his children. He would love to join his young champs for Bowling, Golfing, Cricket, or any new or old sports session of his choice. Don’t worry, he would love to see you winning.

2. Taurus

The intelligent Taurus dad craves simple but loving gestures from his children. His choices are very practical. He wants to remember this day for the rest of his life. If he gets surprised by something that he wanted for a long time but wasn’t buying, that would be more than enough. A simple tag on a father’s day social media post by his children would make him delighted. An adorable polaroid on his desk would be appreciated as well.

3. Gemini

For the Gemini dad, a perfect father’s day would be going out and trying something refreshing. For instance, spa at the new parlor, wine tasting, or exploring new restaurants. And oh, what he would love more than getting matching tattoos with his young one! (Only if he’s into tattoos)

4. Cancer

The Cancerian dad puts his family on a pedestal. For him, nothing is more special than getting to spend quality time with his mini-me. If time allows, he would love a short trip with them. If not, a simple dinner where he gets to eat delicacies cooked by his youngsters will make him brim with joy and cheer.

5. Leo

Represented by the lion, the Leo dad is a caring father who loves to be admired, praised, and appreciated by others. Hearing a heartfelt speech from his little ones about how much they appreciate him will fill his soul with love and his eyes with tears. As he loves to be seen and heard, he would be overjoyed if his kids make him the center of attention for Father’s day.

6. Virgo

His fondness for perfection speaks in his liking for completely neat and well-organized spaces. A lovely dinner in a clean, simple, and well-decorated room will cheer him up. The Virgo dad also loves imparting their knowledge to others. Teaching his children his favorite skill/hobby or watching his favorite classic movie together will make his day.

7. Libra

Social activities make a Libra dad happy. He wouldn’t be expecting his young ones to team up with his best friend’s children and surprise them together, but it would be the best father’s day for him. Also, he loves gifts and acts of service. Like, a thoughtful gift or a little hand of help in his daily chores.

8. Scorpio

Chances are that the Scorpio dad has already made up his mind about what he expects on father’s day. He’s just waiting to express his wishes when asked. Once asked, he will be straightforward with his plans and choice of gift. If he shies away (that’s a rare case), a gym membership will be great for him.

9. Sagittarius

Out of all the zodiacs, the Sagittarians love traveling the most. A busy life or lack of resources may have prevented the Sagittarius dad from going to his dream destination for a long time. A sudden adventure or planned trip tickets from his champs would make father’s day the most special day of his year.

10. Capricorn

“When their image is good, so are they”. The Capricorn dad values how others see him. For this father’s day, he would love nothing more than to get recognized for all the unselfish deeds he keeps doing for his family. He would love a poem or even a short paragraph dedicated to him. Plus, an exquisite suit will look really great on him.

11. Aquarius

It’s amazing how small gestures can make an Aquarian dad beam with happiness. He will love it if his kids remember his favorite restaurant and order dishes and wine of his choice. His humanitarian side will be charmed if a poor family is offered clothes/dinner for the day.

12. Pisces

With his imaginative and kind attitude, the Pisces dad doesn’t ask for much to feel special on father’s day. His little ones taking their time out to indulge in his hobbies and compliment his knowledge will make him happy. Music and dance are also close to his heart. Dancing to his favorite song with his children will be etched in his memory forever.


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