Top 5 Bollywood Casino Movies of all Time

A movie with a good and strong story always catches the interest of the viewers. Specially gambling-based movies such as the movie that are based on casinos attract Indian punters the most. There are quite good casino movies throughout the history of the Bollywood industry. Those movies performed pretty well when they were released and these movies entertained the punters the way no other movies did before.

Where casinos have been a source of entertainment and making quick money through gambling, at the same time casino movies have been an inspiration and entertainment for Indian punters.

Today we are going to list the Top 5 Bollywood casino Movies

The Great Gambler

It was released in 1979. This was one of the best casino movies of all time. Since the cost of shooting was pretty high at that time so this movie is remembered as an ambitious production movie.  The main cast was none other than Amitabh Bachhan playing the main character Jai.

In the movie, Jai is a professional gambler who never loses in a gamble. The movie also shows that Jai deals with real-life problems other than gambling. Then gangs tried to pull him in to grow their business.


It was released in 2008. This movie mainly revolves around betting and casino with a touch of a beautiful romantic relationship. In this casino movie, the main character is played by Imran Hashmi. When the main character is Imran Hashmi even Casino movies become more interesting.

Even though he wants to make his special girl Zoya rich but he could not give her enough time because of gambling. Then he gets involved with the Betting mafia where things start to get messy.

Teen Patti

The casino-based movie Teen Patti was released in 2010. An Interesting Character is played by Amitabh Bachhan. The Teen Patti called the Indian version of Poker is a big part of Indian culture, that is shown in this movie. It’s one of the classic types in casino movies.

The plot of this movie is interesting with a little twist, a maths professor trying to find an equation that could redefine the whole concept of probability itself.

It becomes a success in theory and in practice, so they decided to play it in a casino with real money. They start to take on Teen Patti professionals risking real money, and with that, this casino movie starts to become entertaining.

The Striker

Striker is an amazing casino movie with a strong story of a boy Surya who struggles and fights through his life. He learns that he has talent when he won a title, in the game carrom board. This fact was life-changing for him.

As he becomes more confident in his talent. He finally decides to enter into the underworld of gambling and betting where he becomes very rich. As in other casino movies as the character starts to win more, he becomes greedy and eventually he ends up in a bad lousy company.


This Hindi movie was released in 1971. In this casino movie, the main character is Daya Shankar Pane, who happens to be an inspector. As Daya is a lazy cop he does nothing much and has a relaxed life. Then he gets assigned an important task that he did not know was going to change his life from the core.

So basically, this movie has a different plot than other casino movies as the main character is a policeman. This casino movie mainly revolves around the main character inspector Daya. He uncovers the face of the gambling mafia, medicine mafia, and smuggling mafia, then those mafias want to make his life a living hell.

 Then there is a twist when Daya decides to quit his police job and becomes a gambler. He gets the hang of it and becomes a professional in a short time. But in return, he had to pay a big price for his actions.


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