‘These’ Are The Five Most Haunted Places In The World Including One In India; Must Check!

The debate over the existence of supernatural beings both good and evil is going on for centuries. We are living in the 21st century which is ruled over by science and technology, new discoveries cropped out of human brains. Many are of the opinion that whatever happens has a scientific reason behind it. However, are a set of people who thinks beyond that! Who believes there exists the presence of something which is not really present but you can feel it! well, the place which is spooky. 

There are some places around the world that gives us an altogether different vibe the negativity, the fear of the unknown, and the presence of the unseen! Here we list down five super haunted places in World including one in India. 

Highgate Cemetery, England

Founded in the year 1839, Highgate Cemetry is located on the North side of London. The cemetery is the entombing site for nearly 1,70,000 people and is considered one of the spookiest places on the globe. Several supernatural incidents have been registered here as per the reports there is the existence of a Vampire in the cemetery. It is speculated that a Vamp with a 7ft height, with red eyes, is the reason behind those haunting experiences. 

Château de Brissac, France

Forts, citadels, and castles are the places that are most prone to supernatural elements as there exists a lot of history behind it. One such castle in France called Château de Brissac is popular for its horror story of Charlotte also known as the Green Lady. As per the historical findings she happened to be the unofficial daughter of King Charles VII. She was assassinated by her husband out of the rage at knowing about her affair. Many people have confessed have to see her spirit in the castle. 

Burg Wolfsegg, Germany

One of the castles in Germany known as Wolfsegg goes back to 800 years ago which in itself makes this place full of mystery. It is claimed by many of the people who have visited this castle that there is a soul of a lady who haunts the people visiting a castle. As per the information it is believed to be the spirit of Klara von Helfenstein who was supposedly murdered by her husband. However, the castle is open to tourists on weekends and holidays.  

Bhangarh, India

Bhangarh is one of the most ancient cities of Rajasthan in India and there is a huge fort in Bhangarh which has a lot of unsaid stories. It is considered the most ghostly place in India. As per reports of incidents that have taken place it is said that several paranormal activities take place in the fort and it is highly advised to the people not to go around the fort after sunset. There is also a warning board placed by the government of India which mentions the same advice. 

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

The trees are something which looks very beautiful and scenic in the daytime but also becomes scary at night. The forest of Hoia-Baciu, Romania is considered the Bermuda Triangle of TransylvaniaSeveral people who disappeared from the forest were reported. It is being said that there is a portal from where people get disappear however, there also are cases where people come back but then feel different and obnoxious after returning. 


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