BTS Leader RM And Members V, Jungkook Furious Over Rumors About BTS Disbanding On Media; Personally Clarifies They Are Still ‘BTS’ Septet

Recently, after celebrating its ninth anniversary with a bang, BTS the most popular Korean band made an announcement that took all the media platforms by storm. they declared that they are taking a break, a very short one, and have decided to focus on their solo projects for a while. Some of the group members have announced their upcoming individual projects. That day itself the boys have made it clear that the BTS as a group is not disbanding.

However, the confusion still remained for the media and some of the ARMYs about the BTS hiatus and disbanding. Hence, BTS leader Kim Namjoon aka RM has himself decided to stop the rumors and have made the clarifications. Along with him BTS members Kim Taehyung and Jungkook also have come ahead and reiterated that BTS is not disbanding.

Taking, to Weverse the Korean platform RM wrote a wordy letter in which he has clarified all the rumors. He wrote, “After the broadcast [of the Dinner Party], I got the biggest amount of messages/calls so far since our debut. On seeing the screenshots and article titles sent, “announcement”, “disbandment”, or “halt on activities”…there were a lot of provoking and fragmented/incomplete keywords.”

He further added, “..since we’ve been sharing an exceptional period together for nearly 10 years without stopping, there’s definitely a special thing between Bangtan [BTS] and ARMY. As those of you who watched the video may know, the title of the song ‘Yet To Come’ precisely implies what we wanted to share, that this moment is not the end. I believe and have no doubts that our ARMYs who know us will understand what we were trying to say.”

While concluding he wrote, “As the person who shared the most [in the video], I wanted to give a brief summary. I want to thank everyone who watched the video and shared your positive support, love, and energy, whether from close by or far away. Whether as a team or as an individual, I will work hard to show you a good side of myself. Thank you.”

On the other hand, Jungkook to clear the rumors said, “I woke today and saw that there was a mess, about Bangtan [BTS] going on a hiatus or suspending activities, or disbanding. So I thought there were things to set straight, and came here [on the life]. BTS is forever.”

Whereas V stated, “Now, as this is the start of our healthy footsteps so that we can remain as Bangtan [BTS] for a long time, I trust that ARMYs will really like this side of us as well.”

This announcement has an immediate impact on BTS’s agency, Hybe, as they lost $1.7 billion in market value. The stock is down nearly 60% so far this year, particularly underperforming South Korea’s benchmark index.


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