If You Have An Indian Passport, These Are The Five Countries You Can Travel Around Without Visa

Getting a visa done to travel across any country is a hectic process. It takes a lot of time and effort to get the visas. However, one can escape from this tedious process and yet plan a wonderful overseas tour. There are many countries where one can travel without a visa if you have an Indian passport.
Thus, here we take a look at seven beautiful destinations where you can travel visa-free!

Macao is a city located on the south coast of China. It is a very vibrant city with a lot of history and culture. One can find a lot of Chinese temples and shrines restored villas from the colonial era. Barrier Gate, which links Macao to mainland China is a well-known spot for tourists. It is also called the trade city of China as a lot of EXIM takes place from there. One can travel to Macao without a visa for a duration of one month.

Serbia is the Balkan nation that was earlier part of Yugoslavia. Serbia is a nation that has a very profound historical background and rich cultural heritage. Belgrade is the capital city of the nation. The National Museum, the Gallery of Frescoes, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Palace of Princess Ljubice are some of the vintage places to visit. In Serbia, too tourists can stay there for one month visa-free.

Tunisia is a North African nation situated near the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia is a very joyful place to spend time making it a perfect destination for a vacation. The nation has some wonderful mosques like Al- Zatunah Mosque, and the Great Mosque of ʿUqbah ibn Nāfiʿ in Kairouan which have unique architectural works. Hence, if you have an Indian passport do not wish to get trapped in the process of visa this is a place where you stay for three months without a visa.

Port Louis being the capital, Mauritius is an island nation surrounded by the Indian Ocean. One can experience beautiful vibes on the seashores of this island nation. It is a very picturesque place and a heaven for nature lovers. Like Tunisia, in Mauritius as well Indian passport holders can live for three months without a visa.

Caribbean country Haiti has a lot of art and culture. The country shares its boundaries with the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It is a very bewitching country to explore. It has natural beauty in itself. There are a lot of natural parks where endangered species of animals and birds are found. One can have a tour of Haiti for three months visa-free with an Indian passport.


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