BTS Dinner Party Leaves ARMYs Emotional As The Septet Announces A Small Break And Their Solo Projects, Fans Trend “Thank You BTS”!

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Sweet Disclaimer: BTS Is NOT DISBANDING!

A day after having a super blast on the ninth anniversary of BTS, K-pop stars have made an announcement that has left the ARMY bittersweet. Today, the septet had organized a dinner party during which they declared that they are taking a break, a very short one and have decided to focus on their solo projects for a while. Some of the group members have announced their upcoming individual projects. It is clear that the boys are not disbanding. Hence, ‘Thank You BTS’ trends on social media.

ARMY has become all emotional as this announcement came as a shock to them. However, like always they have extended their support for BTS’ decision and have thanked them wholeheartedly for giving them some beautiful moments to cherish in the last nine years and songs which are no less than a melodious treasure for them.

Many have expressed the opinion that all the group members have the right to take a break and follow their own paths for self-growth. ARMY has promised it will continue to support BTS as a group and as individuals as well. Undoubtedly, one thing is inevitable ARMY will miss seeing bangtan boys together. Moreover, BTS member J-hope has already announced his new project, while Jimin has been talking about working on his own.

Here we take a look at ARMYs emotional reactions!

However, a statement from Hybe, the South Korean entertainment company behind BTS, said they’ll still be working on projects as a group, as well as individually. Apparently the subtitles addressed their short break as hiatus, while the company cleared up this stating, “BTS are not taking a hiatus. Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time.”

On June 10th, BTS boys made a spectacular comeback by releasing their anthology album Proof.’ It comprises 48 songs in total with three new songs that are title track Yet To Come, Run BTS, and For Youth. Yesterday, to mark the 9th anniversary the bangtan boys had conducted an event where they performed live. ARMY wrote heart-touching letters to them with the tag ‘Dear BTS’.


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