Opinion Review: BTS ‘Proof’ A Musical Treat And A Look Into BTS’ Untold Past Journey With The Hope Of A Better Future

BTS, the all-boys Korean band group today has reached the heights one could have imagined nine years ago. Since the group was formed and as they started releasing their heartfelt and passionate music tracks they paved their way toward their fans’ hearts and the first biggest achievement any artist would ever want to have- a loyal fan following. And BTS not just got any other fan following but the whole ARMY itself from every corner of the world. Apparently the biggest fandom any artist would have had.

Next comes the number of records they have made, as with each passing year and release of new albums BTS reached new heights with the latest being nominated for a Grammy. They have ranked number for several times on billboard’s top 100 and their music videos have crossed millions of views on YouTube. BTS has already left its mark in the heart of its fans and the global music industry signifying they are really the inspiration for the young generation. From their social acts and through their music they have just proved it time and again.

And BTS’ Proof the Anthology Album is the amalgamation of all of these- the love, the hope, the emotion, the bond with the fans, the hard work, journey from nobody to the world’s most popular k-pop band. Making it the biggest ever comeback of BTS. The three new songs in the album Yet To Come, Run BTS, and For Youth are additional joy and delight for the ARMY.

Each of these three songs is very special as it has a lot of meaning behind it! Speaking of Yet To Come, it is all about hope and motivation for the future being more brighter and not just settling with whatever is achieved. On the other hand, Run BTS gives you all the jolly vibes and a theme to simply enjoy as ARMY gets to see the boys bonding with each other. The song becomes just cool and electrifying with a touch of Hip-Hop to it. While For Youth is all about being grateful! This song is solely dedicated to the ARMY, the affection and the bond between ARMY and the Septet, and vice versa.

There is a very unique connection between the ARMY and BTS boys they have been there with each other throughout their journey. At times, through social media, BTS stars have conversations with the fans and write special notes for them and the same amount of love is reciprocated to them.

For the unknown, Proof comprises 48 songs in total on 3 CDs. It consists of old songs of BTS picked by every BTS member as per their choices. Thus, it is a bundle of joy and an emotional ride for the ARMY as the old songs going to give the nostalgia. Proof in short is a treasure to keep forever for all the ARMYs and everyone who cherishes music!


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Varsha Mehata


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