DIY Tips to Impress Your Partner on the First Date based on their Zodiac Sign!

The easy availability of options makes you easily replaceable for your date. One mistake, and you'll lose your chances of scoring a second date with them forever. Heres How To Avoid That:

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DIY Tips to Impress Your Partner on the First Date based on their Zodiac Sign!

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist & Founder, NumroVani


This era of online dating has revamped the courtship spectrum. Now, hundreds of choices are available at your fingertips with a simple swipe promising to find you a better match.

However, the easy availability of options makes you easily replaceable for your date. One mistake, and you'll lose your chances of scoring a second date with them forever.

It's best advised to put your best foot forward by giving them exactly what they're looking for. Based on their zodiac sign, you can learn about the "do's and don'ts" of impressing your partner on the first date. Get ready to sweep them off their feet!


DIY Tips for Your First Date based on Zodiac Sign


Do: Aries love going on adventurous and meaningful dates. On your first date, taking them to an amusement park, bowling alley, hiking, or doing their favorite activity will win their heart. Also, respect their opinions.


Don't: Don't interrupt them while they are talking. Let them complete their sentences before offering comments or initiating your part of the story.


Do: Be straightforward and trustworthy in your conversation with a Taurus. Amplify your feminine/masculine energy to impress them more. If you're a man, make efforts to look dapper. If you're a woman, take some time to look good for the Taurus man.


Don't: For them, confidence is crucial. Don't turn up like a nobody with low self-esteem.


Do: Remember tiny details from your conversations with them and bring them up on your first date. Gemini love talking. Making them realize you really listen to them is a sure-shot way to impress them.


Don't: Don't agree with everything they say even if you don't like their views. Gemini doesn't like individuals with no opinions of their own.


Do: Be nice to the waiters, gate-keeper, cab drivers, and other people you find along the way on your first date with a Cancer. Make them feel secure in your presence.


Don't: Don't be superficial by showing off by making big yet meaningless gestures or obsessing about how much your watch costs


Do: All that a Leo expects from their date is attention - and a lot of it. Shower your date with the same by making the evening entirely about them. Praise their outfit, sense of humor, and intelligence.


Don't: Don't pretend that they are replaceable or if you've got a number of dates lined up for the month. As soon as they know they're not special to you, they'll be out.


Do: Talk about their accomplishments or current obsessions at the moment. Ask relevant questions about the same and try to be hooked to their likes/dislikes.

Don't: Don't appear as lazy and aimless. If you're habituated to sleeping till 12 in the afternoon, try to change the habit, or at least don't bring that up on your first date.


Do: Bring them a bottle of their favorite drink or flowers/book depending on their personal preferences. As they are visual beings, look good for them but don't overdo it.

Don't: Avoid bad mouthing about your friends, family, or ex at all costs.


Do: Scorpios are very passionate individuals. Wear something red if you want to keep them hooked. Reflect on your unique personality and talk about interesting stuff to intrigue them.

Don't: Unleash each part of your personality and life story. They like mystery. Let them learn new things about you over time to retain their interest.


Do: Flirt with them. Be confident, funny, innovative yet respectful with your flirting tricks. But before anything, be yourself without appearing pretentious.

Don't: Try to boss them. They don't like anyone who tells them what to do and what to avoid. Don't criticize their choices or way of living.


Do: As usual, look put-together for your Capricorn date without taking things over the top. Impress them with your wit and sense of humor. Learn some jokes if required.

Don't: Don't be self-obsessed. Avoid keeping the conversations solely about you. Don't forget to include them in conversations and let them talk.


Do: Aquarians are natural-born humanitarians. For the first date, you can either invite them to volunteer, protest or support a cause with you or make plans about the same on your fancy date.

Don't: Don't ridicule or demean their thoughts as they take pride in their beliefs. If you ought to disagree, do it respectfully.


Do: Ask them about their area of interest. Accordingly, surprise them by taking them to a live music concert, poetry conference, or museum for the first date. You can also gift them their favorite painting, pot art, or novel.

Don't: Be on time. Don't make excuses or lies as it turns them off.

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