Opinion: We Wake Up Only After Learning It Hard Way! Mismanagement Of Events In India Giving Unwanted Results And KK’s Death Is One Instance

The heart-shattering news of the unprecedented demise of the popular singer KK has highlighted so many concerns and questions about the treatment given to the artists during the events and concerts, how mismanagement and lack of proper facilities create chaos and lead to unwanted circumstances.
After the death of KK, several videos went viral on social media shared by his fans from the concert he was performing at in Kolkata. He was seeing feeling uneasy and sweating badly.

As per the reports, the auditorium where the event took place was overcrowded. There were also complaints that the air conditioners were not working resulting in less ventilation.

Speaking on this well-known Bollywood singer Armaan Malik wrote a series of tweets in which he highlighted all the issues that an artist face. He wrote, “Concerts in India need better mgmt, medical & emergency facilities. I’ve seen and been part of far too many shows that don’t serve the right conditions for us to perform. But yet, being the artists we are, we continue with performing coz we don’t wanna disappoint our fans.”

He further added, “FYI many artists don’t even have show contracts w promoters & if they are at a level where they do & they were properly followed we wouldn’t have to see a day like this. When artists stick to their contracts and don’t budge, promoters say ‘attitude bahut hai, maangein toh dekho’.”

While concluding he said, “henceforth that artist is not booked and then his live business suffers (which is the main income for any artist in this country) coz we don’t make money singing songs. Guess you didn’t know that either. We would all want these facilities for our shows, do we get them? NO. Health comes first. Nothing else matters. We are all learning it the hard way.”

Artists play a major role in society and their contribution is not acknowledged much. They are those people who unknowingly bring happiness to our lives through their songs, voice, words, and music. Getting love from the fans and followers is one thing but they should also get the proper amenities while they are on the sets for recording or on the field performing live.

We Indians have the habit of adjusting and compromising hence which results in overcrowding, or conducting events even if the AC is not working. We just look out for temporary solutions but that shouldn’t be the case. Also, it’s the equal responsibility of the organizers to ensure that everything is in place and the celeb you have roped is comfortable in the environment just paying them the amount is not enough!

Unfortunately, it is always that we learn only after we lose something precious!


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Varsha Mehata


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