5 Reasons why Varun Mitra is India’s Harvey Specter!

By Varsha Mehata
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5 Reasons why Varun Mitra is India’s Harvey Specter!

Varun Mitra who shot to fame with his role as advocate Deepak Rana on Amazon Prime’s Guilty Minds, wowed the audience and critics alike with his immaculate and impactful performance.


The actor created quite a stir with the series, with several now referring to him as India’s Harvey Specter, a character from Suits that went down as one of the most iconic characters of all time!

Here’s taking a look at 5 reasons Varun Mitra fits the bill –

1) The mark of great characters are the signature moves they bring to a series, both Deepak Rana and Harvey Specter share a great, attention-catching walk in common.
2) Effortless charm even while not playing by the rules apply to both Deepak Rana and Harvey Spector, as they push the envelope and succeed in style!
3) If there is one thing Harvey Specter brought with him on screen it was swag and Varun Mitra too brought ample of it to ‘Guilty Minds’ with his mature portrayal combined with boyish charm.
4) Another reason why Mitra’s portrayal of Deepak Rana is compared to Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter is the fact that both actors effortlessly got under the skin of their characters, bringing much needed gusto to their courtroom dramas.
5) Much like Harvey Specter, Varun Mitra too had women weak in the knees and was quickly tagged a ‘National Crush’, one that fans can't seem to get enough of!

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