From A Baby Doing Planks, To Kartik Aaryan Picking Rajpal Yadav, Today's Viral Videos Are Hilarious!

By Devika Tarasinghani
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A 5-year Old boy doing plank with Mommy

While some people struggle to hold in the plank position for a long time a 5 year old kid does plank with mommy. He nailed it with his fitness trainer mother. The video has got 31 million views on Instagram.

Here is the Link of the video:


The comment section were filed with words like, "adorable", "cute" and many such words.

Women viral dance trend in Delhi Metro.


Some social media trends cannot be skipped and especially the dance challenge onces.

Recent 'jiggle jiggle' dance challenge is an example.

Here is the link:


The video, posted a day ago on Instagram, has been viewed more than 337,000 times and has accumulated over 16,300 likes. Several people praised the woman's confidence.

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