Here Is How BTS Has Proved Why They Are The ‘Proof Of Inspiration’ For The Gen Z

The popular K-Pop stars BTS are excited to release their upcoming anthology album “Proof” which is set to release on June 10. To promote their upcoming album, the Korean septet carried out a ‘Proof of Inspiration’ week. This week, each day one BTS member shared his inspiration behind their song and the pick in the anthology album. They have shared how they have learned acceptance and embrace facts which earlier difficult for them to do so.

Thus, here we take a look at how BTS stars are true ‘Proof Of Inspiration’ for today’s generation through their various acts and achievements from being the representative at the United Nations General Assembly to their upcoming meeting with the US president Joe Biden. Their work is profoundly inspiring and encouraging especially for the youth. BTS celebs have their fandoms across the globe and which makes them even more responsible about what they say, what they act, and they are doing it flawlessly.

Motivational Words

The Bangtan boys have collaborated with United Nations twice once in 2018 and 2020. Both times they have shared a very strong message with the world. They highlighted how to come up with the negativity, especially which almost everyone phased during the pandemic. They highlighted how this generation should embrace the change and how this generation is of positive minds.

Kind Acts

The septet has won the hearts of millions of people through their generous acts. During covid, they donated $1 million as a charity for the crew and the backstage members whose lives got affected due to the covid pandemic. Their kind contribution provided relief to over 1000 staff members who were working for their shows and concerts. Through their actions, they have inspired many to come forward and help each other in tough times.

Encouragement To Speak Up

K-Pop sensations BTS are very socially responsible celebs who voice their opinions on several issues globally. They come in support of the right and never fear to speak their heart out. The stars had extended their support to the Black Lives Matter movement which had begun after the death of George Floyd. The K-Pop stars have also opened up about the Asian hate and the discrimination they themselves have faced at times. They have encouraged youngsters to take a stand for the right and speak for the truth.


Soon, the BTS members are going to the white house where they will meet the US president Joe Biden. As per the reports, the agenda of the meeting is inclusion, representation, and managing anti-Asian hate crimes and disinformation. It is already a very proud moment for the stars and their fandom and yet sets another inspiration for the youngsters that nothing is unachievable one just needs to have faith in themselves.


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