Does The Concept Of Soulmates Exist Like How We Watch In Bollywood Movies Or K-Drama?
Does The Concept Of Soulmates Exist Like How We Watch In Bollywood Movies Or K-Drama?

Does The Concept Of Soulmates Exist Like How We Watch In Bollywood Movies Or K-Drama?

Be it Bollywood movies or K-Dramas, we are totally fantasizing our ideal partner and we unknowingly feed our sub conscious mind to expect a romance that is well more apt to watch on screen. Today let’s talk about how the pressure of reel is creating a notion of perfect romance in real life, does a perfect soulmate exist and is happily ever after an ideal situation ?

We have all grown up watching Rahul or Raj as our hero on screen and while when we really met guys who tried cloning such behaviour pattern, we fell in the trap of the ‘fuc|Kboys’ and similarly when guys met someone like a Poo or Shanaya, they actually got themselves into a ‘gold digger’ girl who literally used them like credit cards.

Ideally, Raj or Rahul or Poo or Shanaya were flawed calculatively on screen but in real life flaws have no measurements or boundaries, they are just human personality. You either take it or leave it. This is the reason why many of us ideally imagine our soulmate to be a certain way initially but then keep modifying them as and when we realize what is more of our type.

In today’s world, a Raj and Rahul is not an ideal choice but a Dr Jug is. That’s how the definition of soulmate is changing. So the question is whether we have an ideal partner for us like shown in K drama or Bollywood movie?

The answer is YES, we do have. Be it a simple love story or filmy one, we have our soulmates somewhere. He/She may be flawed but the beauty of love and compatability is that we accept flaws and look at the good side more.

Be it Ranbir Alia or Deepika Ranveer, we know that love happens and when it does, the world surely does shine and makes everything better. Ranbir was never perfect for Deepika but he is for Alia, similarly Ranveer may seem fashionably funny to many but Deepika find him extremely admiring with his fashion choices, you see how the definition of perfect is different.

K-Dramas have added a real rage for romance in real life and when we start expecting such fancy gestures from our partner or soulmate, we lose touch to their ground personality. Gestures or romance should be inspired from within, if it means even getting a flower. Our idea of romance should be ours and not really an enforced one. K-Dramas can be a good watch with your soulmate but to make the on screen romance the only way to romance is not an ideal situation.

The more we go on social media we are facing the pressure of couple goals, romance goals and the idea of romance is enforced. While I look at some couple goals on my screen and then I look at this old couple chilling in a cafe and sharing a smile, I get how reality is more beautiful than anything we see on digital platform. We dont always need validation to our feelings, sometimes all we need is to feel.

Real moments matter over anything planned and shown to the world. The idea of soulmate is not someone coming to save you but it is of someone to add on to your existing happiness and make you feel better in tough times. Soulmates are simply soul connect, it can be a spark at first sight or a friendship of years, even realization takes a lot of time. Always keep your heart open and mind inviting enough to people.

Sometimes we might feel that soulmate has to make our heart flutter or there will be violins playing all around but sometimes soulmate might be sitting next to us at an airport or simply looking at us a busy cafe or he/she might be your work colleague since years. There is no one way to find the perfect one but once you know who is the one, there is no one more perfect than they are for you.

On that note, believe in soulmates, believe they will come to you at the right point just don’t expect them to come to you the way you want, how you want. That you leave upto the universe and its mysterious ways and keep loving yourself the way you want to be loved.

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