Disgusting! Dead Lizard Found Floating In McDonald’s Soft Drink In Ahmedabad 

McDonald’s is one of the most loved food outlets in India known for its services and food over the years. People are ready to pay a good amount for tasty and hygienic food but it’s all wasted if it becomes dangerous for one’s health. That is what has happened with one of the McDonald’s customers in Ahmedabad. A man found a dead floating lizard in his soft drink leaving him and the netizens in complete Eww! as the man shared the video on social media.

In the video shared by the man, a small lizard is visible in the soft drink. The man has claimed that he purchased it from McDonald’s Ahmedabad franchise. The video is posted by Bhargav Joshi on his Twitter handle who with his three other friends went to hang out at McDonald’s in Gujarat. He has stated that his other friends took two gulps of the cold drink and were shaking the drink because of which the lizard which was stuck at the bottom of the beverage glass started floating.

He further claimed that the outlet staff ignored their complaints. He mentioned that he and his friends were there at the outlet for around four hours awaiting some action from the senior officials however no one paid heed to their complaints. They said that the staff only proposed them a refund of Rs 300. Another man from the group is heard saying, “A life is worth ₹ 300?”

Later, the video has gone viral on Twitter and other platforms which resulted in enraged comments from other users. Many demanded to take stringent action against the outlet and how irresponsible they are about the human lives. The AMC took immediate action by checking the place, later they sealed the outlet by taking samples of the beverage and sent for the test to the Public Health Laboratory.
After that, Mr. Joshi also shared the picture of the sealed McDonald’s franchise and thanked the AMC for taking quick action. “Great work done by AMC,” he tweeted.

Now, highlighting how safety and hygiene are McD’s priority and the famous food chain have released a statement. It reads, “At McDonald’s, we are committed to ensuring the safety and hygiene of all our customers. Quality, service, cleanliness, and value are at the core of our business operations. Furthermore, as part of our Golden Guarantee program, we have implemented 42 strict safety and hygiene protocols across all our McDonald’s restaurants, which include strict processes for regular kitchen and restaurant cleaning and sanitization, among others. We are looking into this incident that is alleged to have taken place at the Ahmedabad outlet. While we have checked repeatedly and found nothing wrong, we are cooperating with the authorities, being a good corporate citizen.”


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