Top Gun Maverick Review: Tom Cruise Slays As Maverick With Top Notch Aerial Action And Adrenaline Rush 

By pallavi mukherjee
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Top Gun Maverick Rating : ***1/2


Tom Cruise as Maverick is just the right mixture of Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan in a Bollywood movie. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, this movie is a ride that cannot be forgotten for its incredible cinematic experience. 

To go by the reports, Tom Cruise wanted to add a more realistic feel to the movie and hence there was almost no use of CGI and most of the scenes are shot in real aesthetics. To actually fly a naval plane and represent the navy in true sense is a big challenge to accept and accomplish so beautifully. 

Top Gun is a movie that was released in 1986 and now Top Gun Maverick is a sequel to the movie. If you haven't watched the previous one it's alright, you just need to know the story and that would be enough. 


The movie starts off really well, the dialogues are well put together and ofcourse Tom has his charms working with that look and smile. It just works like magic. His bike rides or flying jets or simply being sassy, he got his scores top notch and how. The ensemble cast of Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris, and Val Kilmer is too good from the previous movie.

Monica Barbaro , Charles Parnell ,Jay Ellis , Danny Ramirez , Greg Tarzan Davis ,Manny Jacinto , Jack Schumacher ,Bashir Salahuddin , Jake Picking , Raymond Lee , Lyliana Wray , Jean Louisa Kelly , Chelsea Harris are all a part of the sequel Top Gun Maverick and each one of them have delivered really good performances.

What was 'WOW' ?


The cinematography for sure was really good, some scenes were so beautifully shot that it looked really good. The action sequences and aircraft motions were so smooth and realistically shown that as an audience we felt being part of the mission and story. The actors delivered a really good performance. The balance of emotional and intellectual quotient was achieved beautifully through the story. 

What was the 'MISS' ?

The mission was explained nicely in the movie but unfortunately its depiction fell a bit flat, they focussed more on tackling the conflicts rather than actually showing how the conflicts came or a little bit about them. It's always good to know a bit about what's in the opposition to understand the force that's actually fighting it. 


Steal Deal: 

That one scene where Tom Cruise takes off his shirt (OOPS! that aint a SPOILER) he is looking too hot, so hot that for a sec the AC seemed to not work. 

A must watch for all the action film lovers, also the OG king Tom Cruise is looking a million dollar hero in this with all that jazz and the aviators. No one can escape that charm and Top Gun Maverick is for sure a good watch to give you the perfect dose of entertainment and creative satisfaction of watching a good movie. 

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