From Uncanny To Sex Drive Claim: Here Are the Top 7 Viral Videos Of The Week

From Uncanny To Sex Drive Claim Here Are the Top 7 Viral Videos Of The Week

With the use of digital mediums most importantly with the help of the internet, many videos go viral on social media platforms day by day. Some of the videos are funny, uncanny, Bizzare, and many more aspects. Today we are going to see the top 7 videos that go viral this week.

  1. Kendall Jenner Struggling to Cut Cucumber

We know Kendall Jenner has become an internet sensation for her figure and beauty, but now this American Model has left netizens speechless

Kendall Jenner can be seen struggling hard to cut cucumber. It happened when Kendall tried to make herself a snack and ended up in a complicated situation. “Do you want the chef to make you a snack?,” Kris Jenner asked Kendall in the viral video, to which she replies, “I’m making it myself. I’m just gonna chop up some cucumber. It’s pretty easy.” However, when she tried to cut the cucumber, it turned out to be tough for her.

Top 7 Viral Videos Of The Week

We can see her mother Krish Jenner saying “hey chef, can you come cut this cucumber for my 26-year-old daughter,”.

Since the video got uploaded it has garnered over 50K views.

2. UK makeup artist Transforms into Captain Jack Sparrow

UK-based makeup artist Holly Murray’s Captain Jack Sparrow a character played by Jonny Depp’s make-up transformation video goes viral as its resemblance is uncanny.

Holly Murray shared this transformation video on her Instagram handle with the caption, “More Captain Jack Sparrow content because I love him.”

The video garnered 5 lakh views. Netizens praised Holly’s skills and flocked to the comments section to shower their love.

3. Pasoori and WWE Mashup

A video of a mashup of Pasoori and WWE is going viral online when a Twitter user came up with an unexpected mashup of the song with clips from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). 

The viral video was posted on Twitter by WWE Urdu, a page managed by Abdul Ahad Jawaid.

Top 7 Viral Videos Of The Week

The hilariously edited video featured clips from WWE that perfectly fit with the catchy beats of the song and gained close to 2 lakh views.

4. Labrador Rising Three Abandoned Tiger Cubs

A labrador with three abandoned tiger cubs has gone viral. A viral video shows how three tiger cubs, who were rejected by their mother for unknown reasons, play around with their foster Mom near their enclosure in China. It states that the Tiger Mom refused to feed them soon after birth.

Top 7 Viral Videos Of The Week

5. Ladakh kids Singing ‘Dil Beparwah’

In a viral video, a group of children is winning the hearts of netizens on the internet by singing the famous song ‘Dil Beparwah’.

This video was shared by blogger Sneha Desi when she found the group of children while she was on her way to Leh, Ladakh. She spotted them in Nubra Valley.

The video got up to over 16,000 views and was loved by many audiences. In the video, you can see 10 children playing Ukulele and performing a heartwarming rendition of the popular song.

6. Bridesmaids dancing to ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala’

Bridesmaids dancing to ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala’ at a Mahila Sangeet event went viral because of their elegantly smooth yet jaw-dropping performance.

The clip, shared on Instagram by @indianfamousdancers is headed fast for 1 lakh views.

7. Women claiming Sindoor triggers sex drive

A recent video goes viral in which one woman claims that Sindoor triggers her sex drive.

In a video, a social media influencer was explaining the benefits of sindoor like how it cools down the body and has a relaxing effect on the person. She further adds that the Sindoor also affects a person’s sexual life by enhancing the sex life and because of this she gets trolled.

Top 7 Viral Videos Of The Week

 The original video was shared by an Instagram handle be.bodywise, was shared by a Twitter user by the name of ‘Trust me bro’, and is being trolled ever since. The original video has now been removed from the account. This video has now become a source of many memes that are too hilarious.

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