Opinion: Ripped Thoughts or Ripped Jeans? What’s More Dangerous? Full Report of Tirath Singh Rawat Statements:

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Ripped jeans


The former CM is just concerned about how he looks at the culture and not the actual one. And this is what we call ‘ripped thoughts.’

Former Uttarakhand chief minister Tirath Singh Rawat has doubled down on his anti-ripped jeans stance, saying that wearing them is not a part of Indian culture. Tirath Singh Rawat, who sparked a furore last year over his criticism of women who wear ripped jeans, has said that he stands by his past statements on the subject.


"Many people had voiced support for my viewpoint. Ripped jeans are not a part of our culture. Even today, I stand by my statement on ripped jeans," Rawat told Aaj Tak/India Today.

Early in 2021, Rawat had criticised young women for wearing ripped jeans and said, “Ghutne fatey dikhte hain, samaj ke beech me jaati ho, bachhey saath me hain, kya sanskar dogi?”

The then-CM, talking about a woman, said she runs an NGO, goes out in society and has two children and so he wondered what values she would give them, considering the fact that she dons ripped denims.


This is the second time former CM has raised the topic and pulled some attention. It clearly seems that he says such things for a public stunt and to stand out which he clearly is. Making such hideous statements is surely not going to help his image look good on a bigger level but on smaller level it is.

As a politician in not so developed & modernise areas of the country he is playing his game very well while whole nation especially youth is taking his statements on remand; the local citizens might support him for that. This is just an example of how people in our country can easily be influenced or distracted for someone’s personal agenda; and exactly this is what letting us back from going forward as a nation.

If he really has to take stand against ‘ripped jeans’ he could have just taken a stand against ‘any jeans’ cause either way no jeans has been part of our culture. Here, the former CM is just concerned about how he looks at the culture and not the actual one. And this is what we call ‘ripped thoughts.’


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