Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi And Sangram Singh Expresses Disappointment; Skips Party 

Payal Rohatgi was one of the most liked ‘Lock Upp’ contestants but she lost the winners trophy to comedian Munawar Faruqui. She was the first runner whereas Anjali Arora was the second runner-up in the show. Payal was targeted several times in the show by opponents. Since the show has ended, all the Lock Upp contestants met for a celebration which was skipped by Payal and Sangram Singh.

While interacting with the media she stated she was preparing to answer the questions about her losing the trophy and opted to take a rest at home. she also revealed the speculations about her not attending the big bash. Addressing herself in the third person she said, “Payal only wants to say this about these speculations that Payal is a human being, but Payal has a soul and she believes that her soul should respond right to everything that happens in her life, rather than reacting. And her soul demanded rest, her soul demanded that I give preference to my partner yesterday because he was also very very disappointed.”

She further added, “And all of us know that Payal and Sangram are not party persons, we are people who wake up in the morning and do yoga. We have a zone- breakfast zone, early morning, not a party zone. And that is why you didn’t see me because I was also very very tired and Sangram was very disappointed.”

Talking about the show, Kangana Ranaut and Ekta Kapoor, she expressed, “I wanted to give my best shot when I talk to my fans, and the fans of Lock Upp, because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. The makers did so much hard work to make this show. Kangana and Ekta have given their 100% for the success of this show, and Payal also worked so hard. So I did not want to be irresponsible. I wanted to give my best when it came to answering all the difficult questions related to me not winning the trophy.”

Payal is now all excited and preparing for her wedding with beau Sangram Singh who had proposed to her in the show.


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