EXCLUSIVE: Nikitaa on her Recently Released Single ‘Bad Trip,' “I was very angry while writing this song”

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“I was very angry while writing this song,” Nikitaa on her Recently Released Single ‘Bad Trip’:

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Indie pop artist Nikitaa is back with her official music video ‘Bad Trip’ (Sitam), released on May 4. Nikitaa has herself written and performed the song. While produced it in collaboration with Mukund Komanduri.


Musically, the song alternates from pop elements to a dreamy 6/8 section. The lyrics capture the feeling of knowing and leaving someone who is troublesome. The poetry reflects the vulnerability and pain of having such an experience. Watch Here:

In an exclusive interview with PopDiaries, Nikitaa expressed her emotions which are connected with the song; Read Here:


What do you think makes your music more appealing and enjoyable to the audience?

I think what makes my music most appealing to the audience is that it manages to stay catchy and easy on the ears while also having a lot of depth - I often have fans reach out to me and tell me how much my music helped them heal or remember to stay strong and I love that. Also, sonically it’s such a cool and interesting blend of Indian and American elements and that’s definitely something that appeals to audiences!

What is something you feel is your strength when comes to making music?   


My strength when it comes to music making is that I am very aware of and knowledgeable about the different genres of music, but I refuse to simply colour inside the lines while creating. It creates a unique perspective where I have a lot of respect for each genre and its evolution while also retaining the fun and exploration that makes song writing and music making such a magical experience! I think genres are simply guidelines, not hard and fast rules. I don’t believe there are rules to writing a great song, just imprints or examples. And so, I create without restrictions, which is a big reason for the specific blended sound you hear in my music!

What's that one special mention you'd like to tell the listeners about Bad Trip?

When I first started writing Bad Trip it was from a very angry place. But over time it became a song that was vulnerable, fierce, heart-breaking and honest while also being sonically beautiful, if I do say so myself. Pain and tough experiences are so interesting - because while in the moment they feel ugly, they birth an even more authentic, beautiful and stunning version of you. And that’s what I’d like to tell my listeners about Bad Trip (Sitam), because that’s what this song represents to me!


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