Doctor Strange 2 Review: Benedict Cumberbatch And Elizabeth Olsen Shine In This Sam Raimi's Multiverse Drama

By Ketan
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Doctor Strange 2 Review

Doctor Strange 2 takes the story of Spider Man No Way Home forward with Scarlet Witch, Evil Doctor Strange and Karl Mordo


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Though Spider Man fixes the events which triggered the old villains return, it also created the return of Mordo, an adversary of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange seeks help from Wanda, who herself needs to fight her alter-ego — the Scarlett Witch, and Wong (Benedict Wong) to fight back Mordo in this Sam Raimi directed film.

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After giving us the thrilling Spider Man, Spider Man 2 and Spider Man 3 (Tobey Maguire one), Sam Raimi steps into the world of multiverse of madness. The first half of the film is beautifully executed, especially the brilliant battle scene between Doctor Strange and Mordo. However, the writing trends down as the multi-verse universe begins to unravel. Couple of scenes do play the hindrance to the otherwise potential solid MCU flick - the love story between Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer, the focus shifting towards Wanda's world and her visions. This along with the length of the film reduces the impact it was supposed to create.


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Nevertheless, the later part of the film becomes interesting as Sam Raimi and his writers brings all the pieces together towards the climax. For MCU fan, the Multiverse of Madness will be a new experience as Sam Raimi had made it darker unlike other MCU films. However, Doctor Strange 2 is definitely visually appealing in most of the parts which will go in favor of the fans.


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Coming to the performances, Benedict Cumberbatch owns up and delivers a knockout performance both as Doctor Strange and Mordo. Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda shines even though this is not her film and invokes with her emotional scenes.

Overall, Doctor Strange 2 is darker and yet experimental MCU film. Go and give it a try - Good 3/5

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