Big Breaking! BTS To Be Excused From Mandatory Korean Military Service? Here Is What Korean Cultural Minister Has To Say!

South Korean military law makes it obligatory for all eligible male citizens between 18 and 28 years of age to be in the service of the military, at least for 21 months. Thus, BTS ARMY was anxious about thinking of the time when BTS stars would have to join the military. However, now BTS ARMY can sigh a relief as the South Korean culture minister recently made a statement that the K-POP stars will not have to take a break from their music career.

Earlier, BTS septet was given a two-year extension from serving in the South Korean military. There were several speculations of BTS boys leaving the music group and joining their service for several years, but it has always been postponed until now. The eldest BTS members are Jin and Suga at 29, followed by J-Hope at 28, RM at 27, and Jimin and V at 26. The youngest member is Jungkook who is 24 years old.
South Korea culture, sports, and tourism Minister Hwang Hee with his latest statement has given BTS ARMY a new ray of optimism that the world’s one of the most popular K-Pop groups is likely to be exempted from joining the military.

Hwang Hee said that he has suggested that global icons from South Korea, including award-winning athletes and musicians, and popular celebrities should be permitted to be exempted from mandatory military service for other alternative events in recognition of their contribution to publicizing the country’s reputation abroad through representation.

He further said that he has requested the parliament to sanction a relevant bill at the earliest. Hwang Hee, during the press conference, said, “It’s time to create a system for incorporating popular culture-art figures as art personnel. The system has been operated meaningfully to give those who have enhanced the national status based on their excellent skills more chances to contribute to the country, and there is no reason the popular art-culture field should be excluded from this. I thought somebody should be a responsible voice at a time when there are conflicting pros and cons ahead of the enlistment of some of the BTS members.”

However, BTS members themselves have always shown readiness to join the military service whenever they are enlisted. that they will accept the military service whenever they are enlisted. But, their fans the ARMY across the globe have consistently stressed an exemption.

Thus with this news, ARMY is feeling partially relieved and is hoping the bill gets passed soon. Meanwhile, yesterday BTS released the ‘Proof’ Logo trailer for their upcoming anthology album which is set to release on June 10.


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