Lata Mangeshkar

Exclusive: “Lata Mangeshkar Was The One Who Motivated & Inspired Me For Singing,” Palak Muchhal On Paying Tribute To Her:

In order to remember legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar renowned singers from all over India are coming together on a show, ‘Naam Reh Jaayega’ on Star Plus channel.

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In one of the promo, Palak Muchhal can be seen singing Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreen song Naam Gum Jayega to pay respect to her. Kumar Sanu can also be heard crooning Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi as he performs in memory of Lata Mangeshkar.

In an Exclusive Interview with Popdiaries, Palak Muchhal has opened up on working with Lata ji and her memories with the legendary actor. Read Here:

This is one of the great honours for any singer to give tribute to our singing legend, Lata Ji, what was your first reaction when you got to know you’ll be one of them?

– It’s an absolute honour to be a part of this heartfelt a genuine heartfelt respectful tribute given to my idol Lata ji. Lata ji had been my ultimate inspiration. I’ve idolized her in many ways ever since I was a kid, I’ve grown up listening to her songs learning her songs I’ve literally studied every song sung by her like a chapter, she’s been my role model she has inspired me in so many ways that I can’t describe in words. She actually embodies maa Saraswathi. When I was approached by Gajendra Singhji from Sai Baba telefilms star plus, I was very excited to be a part of this tribute because I felt that it’s coming from a very genuine case and even the artist who are performing are people who are touched by Lata Ji’s divine presence. I’m really happy and honoured to be part of Naam Reh Jaayega.

Once again Lata Mangeshkar is becoming a reason for the reunion of some renowned Singers, how’s the company going for you? What’s the atmosphere on sets of the show?

I sang couple of solo songs then I had a set with Shaan ji and we sang couple of duets sung by Lataji and co-singers and it was so good to give tribute to our idol. I am saying our idol because we all have worshiped her. She has touched our lives in so many ways in and when that unison came together, I think the tribute just become divine because every artist that was performing on that stage was giving tribute to their idol, to a person who has contributed so much to each one of them who was giving tribute on that stage and that’s why I feel that’s the greatest, biggest tribute given to her ever. It’s like, “Jaise bhakt apne bhagwan ke liye keertan karte hai bhajan gaate hai bilkul vaisa mahol ban gaya tha stage par” because everybody’s emotion, everybody’s feelings were so pure and dedicated. I’m so happy to be a part of such a sincere tribute to her.

Would you like to share any special memory with Lata Mangeshkar or any memory of her that inspires you?

– There are many memories with Lata ji in my life but there is one particular memory that I would like to mention here when I met her, I was very young and I remember I’d gone to meet her directly from my school. She was in Indore and I was living in Indore that time and Indore was her birthplace as well. I met her and she had an idea about my charity work that I sing for heart patients she said “beti jo tum yeah seva ka karya kar rahi ho usse hamesh zaari rakhna, rokna mat, jab tum ek badi gayika ban jaogi kal tab bhi isse rokna mat, kyunki sahi mayno mein yahi sangeet ki aasli aaradhana hai.”. These words stayed with me throughout my journey, they inspired me, motivated me in every step of my life. They are still lingering in my ear while I’m mentioning about this incident.


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