Exclusive: Fashion Designer Shriya Singhi Gives Indian Fashion A Modern Twist With The Classiest Fabrics!

In the changing times, fashion too has been evolving at a faster pace. Today the ideas of fashion have changed above and beyond. The designers are coming up with elite ideas and breaking the norms of fashion. To understands the changing era of designs and the new trends in the fashion industry Pop Diaries conducted an exclusive interview with Shriya Singhi who creates the best fusion designs by giving a contemporary twist to Indian fashion style.

What connects your personality to your designs? What is the idea behind it?
Being born and brought to the city of Banaras, my roots have always been very close to the rich heritage and textiles of the city. The Indian textiles especially the Silks have always fascinated me. It was always worn and adorned in the form of Sarees which were crafted exclusively for royalty.
The idea behind the label and its design is to bridge the gap between the traditional fabric with Morden silhouettes to meet the modern-day requirement. And by far we have been fairly succeeding and appreciated in doing this.

what are that one overrated fashion trend and one under-rated one?

The most overrated trend – LOW RISE JEANS/BOTTOMS. we can’t deal with low rise again. The world was a better place when this trend took a back seat. The underrated rated- oversized silhouettes. I wouldn’t say it’s an underrated trend but it’s most loved for sure. Big sleeves and oversized blazers are here to stay.

Do you think with changing times, one day you too will be inclined to create genderless fashion?

I’m not decisive on this currently. But maybe in the future, we can emerge in celebrating genderless fashion with our designs.


How do you ensure or create sustainable fashion?

Unlike the fast fashion industry we as a Made To Order Label make a conscious effort in ensuring minimal to zero wastage with our fabrics as we do not mass produce. Our textiles are made to cherish for life. And to pass on to generations.

The famous debate of copy and real OG designs, how do you think this affects the market?

this has been well debated by the pioneers of the industry. My take on this would be, that there is a thin line between copying and getting inspired. Well in most cases it is the small business that gets affected the most as the big fashion houses/ independent labels often get away with copying the designs and silhouettes from the small labels and they are not held accountable for it. It is very important for any fashion label to create its niche and to bring some originality to the table. This will help the business to create a mark and an impact in the consumers’ minds.


Which have been to date your most loved and fav designs?

My most loved and favorite design from the silk collection has to be RANISA SILK COORD SET and from the bandhani cotton collection, it is BORA BORA COORD SET.

These what we have realised is fashion is not just limited to design and style but also a lot of fabric. Fabric is a key aspect in the world of fashion which is not often highlighted. But Shriya Singhi has given us a very insightful aspect of silk fabric in the arena of fashion.



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