‘Lock Upp’ Heats Up Due To Shivam Sharma’s Derogatory Comments On Payal Rohatgi; Game Of Accusations And Refusal On!

Lock Upp right now is one of the most controversial shows in Indian and in every episode, some new gossip comes out. Now the latest promo of the show has made the headlines as in the promo we get to see Anjali Arora telling Shivam Sharm that, Payal Rohatgi was ready to fake an affair with Kaaranvir Bohra.

She says, “KV ke saath affair karne ke liye ready ho gayi thi. Ye supar khabri bata kar gaya hai mere ko (she had agreed to have an affair with KV. Super Khabri has revealed it to me).” Super Khabri are the super informers – the aficionados Lock Upp participants who are allowed to meet with them and give them useful information that they have noted from watching the show.

However, Payal is seen denying Anjali’s accusations and screams, ‘how cheap,’ Prince Narula also stepped in and said that this took place when Kaaranvir had asked Anjali to fake a crush on him.
Payal continues to refute saying, “Jhute, bakwaas aadmi (you liar). How dare you. I swear on my mother that I have never said this. She also started yelling, ‘mar jaao (go die).’

Later, Shivam refers to her recent disclosures about her struggle with pregnancy. He comments, “Dusro ke baccho ko to tum baddua de rahi ho ki tum mar jaao, to bhagwaan tumhe kaise de dega (You say such things about others’ children that you should die, then how will God give you your own children).”

This comment of Shivam did not go well with Kaaranvir Bohra and finds him cheap. He has reacted to the episode and criticized Anjali and Prince for defaming Payal Rohatgi and ganging up against her.
Refusing Anjali’s allegations, he stated, “I and Payal would never do that. I am amazed that Shivam is laughing like that on such a big thing. I just saw the part and I am really appalled at how low this girl Anjali Arora can go. I saw that Super Khabri’s statement also, Anjali completely manipulated the statement.”

He has alleged that Anjali turned the entire information that khabri had given to her and made an accusation against Payal. He further said, these people are disgusting and they really have no class, it’s so sad. I am very proud of Payal the way she is standing tall against the whole gang.”


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